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BER opens next year – the Berlin morning post


BER opens next year

governing mayor Müller insured: New problems in the construction have no financial implications

Joachim Fahrun

Berlin/Erfurt. The governing mayor and the airport Chairman of the Supervisory Board Michael Müller (SPD), admitted on Saturday for the first time, officially, that the new capital airport BER can no longer go this year. With the last known problems with the control of 1200 doors in the Terminal and Parts of the sprinkler system “cannot work”, said Müller of the SPD parliamentary Group meeting in Erfurt. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the airport company claimed that the management “security” on the opening date. “We don’t want to accept that, in the Supervisory Board longer, stalling,” said the mayor. Also, the Airlines would have to know how to do it with the “commissioning 2018 more”.

Airport CEO Karsten mill field little said later: “According to the new findings, which I have been informed in the past week, representatives of the shareholders, is the associated risk for the opening of BER this year.”

Müller assured that the new difficulties had no financial consequences. “The new problems do not need more money.” He will invite the companies involved, including the doors, responsible company, Bosch, to a Baukonferenz, he announced. It is not the agreed-upon services have been provided. The agreed staff had not been between Christmas and new year on the site.

The mayor said there was no evidence that an opening could be delayed beyond the year 2018. “We are in the final curve of the completion.” The airport company could not get the fifth, and the soon to be expected the sixth Addendum to the approved planning permission, if there were “still huge eyesores” that had to be processed.

In the SPD group, however, there is considerable skepticism. The group Vice-Jörg Stroedter said that he thought the problems with the doors and the small-dimensioned pipes for the sprinkler system for “serious”. It was “very likely that it will take a year until we get back to talking about an opening date,” said the economic policy spokesman of the SPD, is a contractor by profession. “Even in the autumn of 2018 is difficult to comply with.” Stroedter also criticized the airport company sharp. It could not be that the Manager realized only now that 80 percent of the doors would work.

Clear statement to the start date in the spring required

Miller airport coordinator Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, this assessment was rejected. “We are in arrears”, said the Secretary of state. The time of buffer construction is used. Therefore, it makes sense to postpone the opening until 2018. But the situation is different than it was before the last cancellation of the opening of 2012. “The airline is far from a new disaster,” said Lütke Daldrup. The management had meeting in the Supervisory Board on 7. February say, how you deal with the new problems. In the spring there should be a clear statement as to a start date.

The CDU responded with a lack of understanding on Miller’s announcement. “The Rumgeeiere in terms of BER in the last weeks and months” is proof once more that Müller was also overwhelmed as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. “That he is not the leader in the Senate, have made the past few weeks,” said the CDU parliamentary leader Florian Graf.

the Green group in The Brandenburg state Parliament criticised the airport’s chief mill field. “The political consideration of the Supervisory Board members must have an end”, said parliamentary leader Axel Vogel. It’s an election had not been in front of the Berlin-clear that the BER of 2017 is in operation. Because of the mill box, but didn’t want to damage, Müller, had it come to the “egg dance” to the appointment. – pages 2 and 13

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