Thursday, January 26, 2017

Gary Cohn: Trumps designer equivalents you can receives millions from Goldman Sachs – TIME ONLINE

so Far, Gary Cohn, Vice-chief of Goldman Sachs was, in the future, he is the U.S. as a top economic expert. His departure at the investment Bank will be generously remunerated According to a report in the New York Times Cohn receives an immediate payment of $ 65 million and a stock package worth $ 220 million.

The severance strengthened in the United States, the discussion of a possible corruption of the new US administration and the close proximity of Donald Trump to the financial services industry. Cohn was almost 26 years at Goldman Sachs. He worked his way up from Raw-materials broker to Vice President. Under CEO Lloyd Blankfein, he was for a long time day-to-day business of the Bank is responsible. Cohn’s worldwide contacts to customers of the Bank companies, investment funds, members of the government – is likely to benefit him also in the future, if he consultants will guide as trump’s top economy, the National Economic Council in the White house.

“play a game”, said the lawyer, Richard Painter of the New York Times with a view to the Bank. “And you play this game, to tie this Person in the future too closely to Goldman Sachs.” Painter is a Professor at the University of Minnesota and one of the initiators of a constitutional complaint against Trump. It means that the US President would violate the Constitution, he would take over the business relations of its Hotels with foreign governments gifts from you. Trump dismissed the lawsuit recently as “worthless”.

In the case of the Bank Manager Cohn, the critics are disturbing, especially the fact that the 56-Year-old, at least according to the New York Times – not willing to sell his package of shares entirely, or to overwrite it at least in an independently managed trust Fund. So he would follow the example of the designated new foreign Minister, Rex Tillerson. The previous Chairman of the Board of the energy group, Exxon Mobile, for its part, is a lush severance payment in the amount of $ 180 million, but had agreed to sever all financial Connections to his former employer.

The New York Times, quoted an Insider, according to Cohn, most recently, a number of “significant donations” to various organizations made and no salary for his work in the White house. In addition, Cohn is said to have its investments in subsidiaries of Goldman Sachs sold. The amount of the original Deposit, the Bank gave no information.

U.S. government – The Team of Donald Trump bankers, generals, and climate skeptics: Donald trump’s Team is complete. An Overview of his advisers and Ministers. © photo: Getty Images

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