Sunday, January 22, 2017

Qualcomm: Apple is suing Chip-supplier – Handelsblatt


The company from San Diego, California, earned both on the sale of mobile-phone Chips as well as patent licenses for their inventions in the area.

(photo: Reuters/Toru Hanai)

San Diegoof The chip group Qualcomm, which provides in many Smartphones for the wireless connection, the device with a lawsuit from Apple. The iPhone group accuses Qualcomm, among other things, to demand to much money for patent licenses. In addition, the chip company withhold a billion dollars as punishment for the cooperation of Apple with the authorities in South Korea, said in the lawsuit. Qualcomm dismissed the allegations at the weekend. A few days previously the company had been sued because of their business practices by the U.S. trade Commission FTC.

in December, the competition authorities in South Korea, Qualcomm had ended up in a penalty of 854 million dollars. With the lawsuit Apple is a big customer, but for the first time before the court. The iPhone-the group together says he’ll pay for patent licenses to Qualcomm to five Times more than all the other inventors of mobile communication technologies. This is not appropriate.

Also, the FTC had sued with the allegation that Qualcomm had coerced manufacturers to pay higher licensing out his patents. In the FTC lawsuit, it was also known that Apple have received in the years 2011 to 2016 more favourable terms and conditions of Qualcomm, for the commitment to use in the iPhone does not have radio chips from other vendors. According to Apple, the lawsuit is in the billion to payments under this agreement.

Qualcomm explained that Apple had to revise his statements in the case of the South Korean authorities, before the money could flow. The chip group countered that Apple have deliberately shown the conditions of the contract and negotiations as well as the technological contribution incorrectly.


For the patents, which belong to the basic stock of technical Standards, special rules apply. It must be granted at fair conditions and without discrimination. About what is fair, but there are always fights. Apple accuses Qualcomm of breaking the rules of Standard patents infringed, because the Chip vendors have refused to allow the competitors to Intel licenses. Intel was pushed forward with the purchase of the mobile chip division of German company Infineon deeper into the business.


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