Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Apple returns in the first quarter on course for growth – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The company with the Apple profits, mainly thanks to the services segment.

The American electronics company Apple, has ended its most recent series of revenue declines and is back on a growth course. The company reported on Tuesday after market close, slightly better-than-expected quarterly figures, and the share price rose in after-hours trading temporarily to 2 per cent. CEO Tim Cook said in a conference call from an “outstanding quarter”. Apple benefited from higher sales figures for its iPhone mobile phone and sold this time 78.3 million copies.

Roland Lindnerauthor: Roland Lindner, an economic correspondent in New York.

That was a record and 5 percent more than in the previous year. Cook said that the business with the latest models, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will have exceeded the expectations of the company. In the larger model, the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple was not complied with over the entire quarter and beyond with the delivery. The iPhone is by far the most important product of Apple, it was in the most recent quarter for 69 percent of total sales. Prior to the most recent reporting period, Apple has suffered three consecutive quarters of declining sales figures for the iPhone.

tablet business continues to shrink course

The best section, however, in the past quarter, once again, the service segment, including the music platform Apple Music, the payment service Apple Pay, as well as the App Store, in the programs for devices such as the iPhone will be sold. The turnover of this segment increased by 13 percent to almost 7.2 billion dollars. Services. thus, the third based on sales the most important division, and were only just behind the Macintosh computers, which earned this time a little more than 7.2 billion dollars Cook said the services business will be in the current fiscal year is so large that it would belong as a separate unit to the one hundred highest revenue American companies.

detail view

More on the shrink rate, however, the business with the tablet computer iPad, of which Apple sold 19 percent fewer units than in the previous year. Two years ago come out computerized watch, Apple Watch has been sold, according to cook’s words, as well as ever since their introduction, however, it falls in the overall group still not too much weight. Apple has for this, although there are no separate Numbers, and combines them in a category with other devices such as the television receiver Apple TV or the music player iPod.

The combined sales of these products fell by 8 per cent, to 4.0 billion dollars. Once again, a weak point of the business in China was in the most recent quarter. The country was until recently a growth engine for Apple, this time, revenues fell by 12 percent. China was the only Region for the group, in which the sales declined.

the inventory of cash over 246 billion dollars

Overall, Apple increased its revenue by 3 percent to 78.4 billion dollars. The net profit was due to higher costs of 3 percent to 17.9 billion dollars. The earnings per share of 3.36 Dollar was 15 cents better than expected.

More about

Apple’s stock of cash is growing, meanwhile, and was the end of the quarter in the case of more than 246 billion dollars. Of 230 billion dollars were in foreign subsidiaries. A Return of this money in the United States would bring a high level of taxation. The new American President Donald Trump has raised the prospect of the Return of Countries to make the tax more attractive. Cook said he was optimistic that it would still give this year a tax reform, and a Change in the taxation of returns led gains certificates of representatives of both parties endorsed.

Cook was, however, covered the question of whether he can win the additional financial scope for a possible Return from Abroad to take advantage of acquisitions. He merely said, Apple have recently bought 15 to 20 companies in the year, and shrink not even in front of larger Acquisitions than in the past. “We look at companies of all sizes.” Beyond the tax issue, political topics, such as the imposed recently by Trump, and many technology companies entry stop criticized in the telephone conference, not a greater role.


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