Friday, January 27, 2017

Car manufacturer Tesla is suing Ex-Manager because of secret theft Sü


  • A former Manager of the Tesla that was involved in the development of self-driving technology, is said to have stolen hundreds of gigabytes of data.
  • Together with a former Google developer, he is said to have secretly been working on his own Start-up for smart cars.

The electric car is suing the manufacturer, Tesla, his former Top-Manager Sterling Anderson because of secret theft. Anderson, who was instrumental in the development of self-driving technology, have charged before his departure, “hundreds of gigabytes” of data on a hard disk, is the charge in the on Thursday filed a lawsuit. He wanted to use the information to his own car-Start-up Aurora.

Should be agreed with the allegations, could be the theft of data for Tesla is actually a large Problem. Anderson was in the company responsible for the development of the travel wizard by the name of “Autopilot”, which is used in the Tesla models. With the program, the manufacturer may collect important data for the development of self-driving cars. With time, the Tesla’s should be able to travel on the Basis of this data, and even fully Autonomous. The “Autopilot” is a key technology for the company.

A Laptop, an App, and the way is the Tesla

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Anderson is the Only one that Tesla sued the former chief developer of self-driving cars from Google, Chris Urmson, is said to have made an offence. He worked together with the former Tesla-man Anderson on the Start-up of Aurora. The company rejected the accusations in a statement to the technology blog, TechCrunch. You of the “frightening Paranoia and an unhealthy fear of competition begat”.

Tesla accuses the two well-respected industry experts, have already to the new Start-up worked, as Anderson was still employed by Tesla. He and Urmson had tried to, employees of Tesla and Google to poach. Obviously, the Situation escalated in early January, when three Tesla employees announced that Anderson had been dismissed a day later. He had also rigged his Computer to hide the Download of the files.

Tesla, it probably goes to a sign in the face of tougher competition

Tesla ends in the current lawsuit, it is also a question of a fundamental character. Now earn with the development of smart electric cars a lot of money: “a Small team of developers with little more than Demo Software were purchased for up to a billion dollars.” As an example, Tesla called the Acquisition of the initial eight-month-old Start-ups in Otto for $ 680 million, which was established by leading Google professionals. Was bought it by a well-known car manufacturer, but from the car service mediator Uber.

Currently, a race has begun run to the development of the technology for Autonomous vehicles, which could transform the business in the industry. In the case of manufacturers, suppliers, Tech companies and Start-ups working on various competing systems. Specialists such as the sued car Manager Urmson or Anderson are of inestimable value for the company. Urmson had left Google in the past year. A long time it was unclear what he is doing now – only Recently there had been media reports that he was working in a Start-up more on the robot car.

The E is not for sale

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