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To record on Wall Street, the Dax, close to 12,000 points – “Not only Trump … –

Wall Street: The Dow Jones has hit the mark of 20,000 meters. In Frankfurt, the Dax continues to


Wall Street: The Dow Jones has hit the mark of 20,000 meters. In Frankfurt, the Dax continues to

According to the record of Wall Street investors also in Asia and Europe. The German benchmark index, the Dax takes on Thursday, the brand of 12,000 meters in the view.

the buying frenzy on the stock exchange: After the jump on the brand of 11.800 points in the Dax stock market Chart show in the German benchmark index, the takes on Thursday, the round mark of 12,000 meters to the Targets. In the morning, the Dax-listed stock exchanges Chart show a 0.6 percent firmer in 11.870 counters.

Like the previous day, the German stock market, fueling his strength from the strong requirements of the Wall Street. There is the most important US stock market index Dow Jones stock markets had a Chart to show mid-week for the first time, the historical barrier of 20,000 points left behind and a record high. The good mood had also show the Dax stock market Chart from his since the beginning of the year, prevailing lethargy ripped him to the highest level since may 2015 catapulted.

Even in Europe it went up. The Euro-zone benchmark index Euro STOXX 50 closed on Thursday morning, also in the Plus.

“Not only Trump supports the stock market”

The positive mood will not nourished alone by the hopes of an economic boom under the new US President, Donald Trump, – said market analyst Heino Ruland of Ruland Research. “The European economy is growing although behavior, but continuously.” This is reflected, among other things, in the surprisingly good buying mood of German consumers.

Deutsche Bank continues on course rally – share close to 20 Euro

among the biggest winners in the Dax, once again, the Bank’s assets, Deutsche Bank stock will show Chart and Commerzbank stock will show Chart. The papers of Deutsche Bank were up by 2.5 percent at 19.95 euros at the Dax-tip. Since the end of September, the paper has doubled, since Reaching the record lows of € 9.95 smooth.

FMC recovers

To show the favorites in the Dax stock market Chart was one of Fresenius Medical Care stock Chart show a price increase of three percent. The health group won in the dispute with the US authorities to provide grants for dialysis patients, a further point victory.

In the technology Index TecDax plummeted by contrast, the shares of Software AG to 5.2 percent. The business software provider, announced a quarterly profit below market expectations.

stock markets in Asia significant

The stock exchanges in Asia on Thursday in the Wake of the Wall Street. Investors to be attacked boldly, after the Dow Jones Index had broken in New York for the first time the sound barrier of 20,000 points. In Tokyo the benchmark index, the Nikkei stock lock Chart show 1.8 percent in the Plus at 19.402 points, the highest level in three weeks. The MSCI Index for equities of the Asia-Pacific Region, excluding Japan, traded 0.8 percent firmer at a level that he had achieved more than a quarter of a year.

In the USA returned previously in the hope that the new President, Donald Trump will continue to pursue an economic policy of the company in the first place are likely to benefit. In particular, speculation on big stimulus packages, with massive tax cuts spurred the buying mood.

“The enthusiasm today, mainly on the strength of the US stock exchanges,” said Takuya Takahashi of Daiwa Securities in Tokyo. But business figures for Japanese companies would be in a good mood.

also, financial stocks were in Demand. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial about climbed to 4.3 percent, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial rose 3.1 percent. In the cut Bank values rose 3.4 percent.

at the same time, investors are hoping for a good reporting season, which could give the market new impulses. While in Germany, business results, dribbling yet more slowly, is a series of Numbers in the United States is already in full swing.

figures dance in the Dax

From the economic side is the back according to an assessment by Dirk Gojny from the National Bank, however, on this day, rather little is to be expected wind for the market. So the investors have to process in Germany the consumer climate indicator, the market research company GfK. “The GRP is likely to signal that the Germans are still good consumer sentiment,” estimated Gojny.

On the corporate side is in the Morning, especially in the technology sector in focus, including Germany’s second largest software group with Numbers: Software AG has missed in the past year, in their growth targets for the division. The shares lost pre-market on the trading platform Tradegate to almost five percent compared to the previous day’s closing.

Infineon share price climbs more

shares in Infineon technologies AG, however, of good Figures and the optimistic statements of the South Korean rival Hynix and STMicroelectronics could benefit. Premarket the title increased by 0.80 per cent to just under € 16.99 – so you scratch to the in November, reached 15-year high of 17,03 Euro.

Dax Realtime: Here you can see the Dax and the Dow in real-time


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