Sunday, January 29, 2017

“America First”: BMW-boss Krüger: foreign works of the greatest political capital” – FOCUS Online “

BMW CEO Harald Krüger holds the biggest factory of the group in the U.S. state of South Carolina for a key leg to stand on – even in the face of a dispute over import duties.

The factory in Spartanburg, where many of the SUV models in the X series, as a major location in the United States, said the Manager of the “West German Allgemeine Zeitung” (WAZ/Monday). Based on the plans of U.S. President Donald Trump, to impose on imports from the neighboring country of Mexico and duties of up to 35 per cent, he said: “Our strong presence as an employer in the United States, China, Europe and also the United Kingdom is our greatest political capital.”

New plant in Mexico

BMW is now the largest car exporter in the USA. In Parallel, the company is currently building but also a new plant in Mexico. The southern neighbor of the US is for car makers is of great importance, because you can restore from there in the North American free trade zone Nafta vehicles cheap and then on the US market. Volkswagen, Audi and Daimler to produce in Mexico.

“take the Statements seriously,”

In the German car industry, the announcements Trumps caused last. “We take the Comments seriously,” said recently the head of the industry Association VDA, Matthias Wissmann. However, it remains to be seen whether and how the foreclosure would be implemented plans. In the case of BMW, it was, you continue to build the plant in Mexico and wanted to restore from 2019, the 3-series sedan for the world market.

Kruger said the “WAZ” also, he was skeptical to the distant future of the diesel engine. Because the emissions rules more strict would be going to the point where he was simply uneconomical.

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