Friday, January 13, 2017

VW should have paid the winter grain 60,000 euros, expensive heating for fish pond – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn remains in the exhaust gas scandal of VW more under attack. After the investigation by the American FBI have provided no evidence that he knew of the manipulations of the exhaust emission values of diesel cars, now his private life to the interest of the media.

Carsten Germis author: Carsten Germis, economic correspondent in Hamburg.

the winter grain, which brought the “mirror” in its latest issue to the light, loved the koi fish. These fish, in Japan, widely cultivated form of the carp, are long-lasting and expensive. A copy can cost up to a few Thousand Euro, there are in pet stores but much cheaper Kois.

All of these ornamental fish have in common: they don’t like it colder than 10 degrees. That’s why the Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH, the Winterkorn as VW chief a Villa, in Groß Schwülper near Brunswick had rented, in a garden pond is also a heating system installed, is reported. Cost: To Be Proud Of 60,000 Euros. Winterkorn wanted to keep his koi, which are sensitive to falls in Temperature.

44197116 Martin Winterkorn resigned as a result of the exhaust-affair as a Volkswagen in-chief.

Volkswagen did not comment on the Details of the lease of the winter grain. “The were taken in addition to benefits in accordance with the then-applicable ancillary service catalog, and in accordance with the applicable tax principles, properly treated,” it said.

400 square metres is the Villa. Five euros per square meter of the VW have paid-in-chief there in his first years as Chairman of the Board of the automotive group of rent, the report says. The real estate company, which belongs to VW, and also other employees of the company’s offering compared to usual market prices, cheap Rents, on the grounds that the winter grain have only used half of the space private. The other rooms of the Villa have stood for the entertainment of guests of the company.

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Recently, it was reported, moreover, that the winter grain is also considered in the retirement of VW is quite lush. As the “Bild-Zeitung” had reported, gets winter grain since the beginning of the year, a company pension from Volkswagen, paid in the amount of 3100 euros – of the day. It follows from the guidelines of the group. This, according to winter grain due to its 35 years as an employee of the company 70% of his last basic salary as a pension paid out. This amounted to 1.6 million euros in the year – making now, 93.000 euros a month or 3100 Euro operation on the day.

VW denied the report. A spokesman did not comment on this quite similar as well to a garden pond heater: “To speak on contract matters, we are us.” Also Winterkorn’s outstanding lawyer wanted to say, therefore, nothing to it.

A normal Volkswagen employee in the rank of a tool-maker get, on average, about 700 Euro pension per month. And to the statutory pension.


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