Friday, January 13, 2017

Automotive suppliers: Takata, pays billion penalty for defective Airbags – TIME ONLINE

In a dispute over defective Airbags, has agreed to the Japanese auto supplier Takata, with the U.S. Department of justice on a comparison. The company had stood a criminal Offense and pay penalties in the amount of one billion dollars (940 million euros), according to the U.S. Department of justice. The company confirmed the agreement. Against three former managers also face criminal.

The long-term Takata-employees ‘ fraud and conspiracy, accused of. You should already have in the year 2000 with manipulated test results be aware of the risks of defective Airbags veiled, with several fatal accidents. According to the indictment, the three men were up to 2015 in Japan and the United States for the company.

“auto suppliers that sell products for the protection of consumers against injuries or fatal accidents, you need to set the safety before Profit,” said Federal attorney Barbara McQuade from the Michigan. “If instead, you choose to Scam, we will pull the responsible persons and companies to account.” The U.S. Department of justice, accuses Takata to have over a decade of systematic results of safety tests being manipulated.

In the course of the comparison shall pay Takata, a fine in the amount of $ 25 million. In addition, the company wants to set up a compensation Fund in the amount of $ 125 million for individuals who were injured by a faulty triggering of an Airbag gas generator. In addition, Takata should set up a compensation Fund in the amount of $ 850 million to the car manufacturer, the falsified test data and results, or the affected Airbag inflators from Takata have purchased, to compensate.

The agreement was an “important step” on the way to the solution of the issue, said Takata. You have given to the incidents already, and I regret this deeply. As a reaction to the incidents of Takata have already invested heavily in their own data and product safety as well as quality. Takata is committed to the agreement continue to take all necessary steps to increase the safety of road users.

Defective Airbags from the Japanese supplier to have been a Problem for years in the car industry. In the United States had to be called due to the defects of almost 70 million Airbags. 42 million vehicles from various manufacturers were affected, the case led to the largest recall in the history of the U.S. auto industry. The supervision of at least eleven deaths and 184 injured to be brought in the United States, in connection with the faulty Airbags. This inflated part too quickly, so that they exploded and metal shrapnel out threw.


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