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Ex-Volkswagen head VW also provided for Winterkorn’s outstanding carp

As the winter grain, so the carp: Volkswagen care only for the group, it was not considered a boss, but also his beloved Koi carp

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As the winter grain, so the carp: Volkswagen care only, the group was the boss, but also his beloved Koi carp

The Volkswagen-exhaust gas scandal has survived Martin winter grain yet relatively harmless – except for the time of his resignation. The FBI and other investigative authorities in the USA seem to have been no evidence found that the former Volkswagen chief of the rigged exhaust gas values of the knew diesel cars slightly.

his private life, the more the back of the media now in the focus. That winter grain Japanese Koi loves carp, is widely known. It is not known yet, as Volkswagen took care of these temperature-sensitive and expensive creatures of his corporate bosses.

How now, the “mirror” reported, left VW, through its subsidiary company, the Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH, the Manager not only a 400-square-foot mansion in Groß Schwülper near Brunswick at a price of just five euros rent for square meter. The real estate company also built a 60,000 Euro expensive heating system in the garden pond for the carp.

the creatures of This Precious happens to be very heat needy, do not tolerate water temperatures below 10 degrees, and certainly no sudden drops in Temperature. As Volkswagen takes its responsibility and duty of care for employees known to be serious, of course almost of itself, the group stood for the Welfare of the carp. Yeah had to jump in, you might think.

should have reasonable rent, however, the winter grain in the early years as VW CEO paid, justified the VW real estate subsidiary that the winter grain is used, for example, only half of the area private. The other rooms would have only been for the entertainment of guests of the company.

Who is mentioned here, an Extra sausage for the former boss of the group, is probably wrong. To offer the real estate company but also to other Volkswagen employees in comparison to the market for cheap apartments. To not want so much generosity

Whether it is winter grain rents the Villa is still to the favorable conditions, is not known. A customary comparative rent is likely to be able to rentier the winter grain, but you still need to make. Finally, attend employer pays him for many years merits more than 3000 Euro pension per day, such as “image” reported.

could buy winter grain every day one of these exclusive Japanese carp if the pond would be just big enough …




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