Saturday, January 14, 2017

Martin Winterkorn, left, Koi-carp pond on VW-cost heat – MIRROR ONLINE

VW treated his Ex-Chief Winterkorn, according to SPIEGEL information, in addition to a Record level-also a dumping rent for his luxury property. In addition, the group took care of an extravagant Hobby of the Manager.

The former VW boss Martin Winterkorn has benefited from a cheap rent granted to him by Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH. According to the MIRROR Winterkorn paid in his first years as Chairman of the Board of the VW group, for a 400-square-foot mansion in Groß Schwülper near Brunswick the equivalent of about five euros rent per square meter. At this rental price, the VW real estate company came, because they thought that the winter grain only use half of the area is private and the other rooms for the entertainment of guests of the company were available. (Click here to read the whole story in the new MIRROR.)

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in the MIRROR


The Problem with love and money

The VW real estate company ensured even the Hobby of VW heads: you had 60,000 euros a heating system in the garden pond to install. Winterkorn kept his Koi carp, which are sensitive to falls to sudden changes in Temperature.

The VW group explained that they could not comment on the contract details. “The were taken in addition to benefits in accordance with the then-applicable ancillary service catalog, and in accordance with the applicable tax principles are correctly handled.”

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