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Kaiser’s Tengelmann and Reichelt in Berlin: farewell to the old markets – daily mirror

In the Berlin District of Wittenau the future is already here. At the turn of the year, customers were able to shop in your old Emperor's market in the Roeder Avenue of champagne and fireworks, since Monday the Name and trademark of Emperor’s are gone Tengelmann, the pot of coffee. Instead, Kaiser’s, Rewe is now at the entrance of the market, the Deal have to get a new coat, the Emperor's own brands are replaced peu à peu by Rewe-goods. Irrevocably.

What about the Emperor’s markets?

the distribution of The 121 Berlin Kaiser’s markets between Rewe, the number two in food and leader in the industry Edeka has started. 60 markets, the Cologne and the pace. Each week, five stores will be remodeled, “until the end of March, we want to be ready,” says Rewe spokesman Raimund Esser. Edeka is more time. Here you want to adjust first the technology, then the blue will be screwed-and-yellow signs to the markets. Six to eight weeks it will take until the first Emperor's will be to recognize markets as Edeka, estimates Edeka spokeswoman Bettina Stolt. Until may, at the latest by June, the Work should be completed.

Reichelt Why disappear?

Emperor's is now a thing of the past. Just like Reichelt. The over 100-year-old tradition chain belongs since 2003 to Edeka, which will retain 53 branches in Berlin and Brandenburg, however, have your name. But that changes now. Because Edeka is now busy with clean up, will also be the Name of “Reichelt” in just a few weeks removed from the picture, Kaiser’s and Reichelt are then to Edeka.

What is Rewe, what Edeka: The Region is in the Fabian Bartel

now the prices?

The traditionalists among Berlin’s customers, the heart is heavy. But it’s not just you. Also competition experts see the development of critical, especially in the case of the Emperor’s. “From a competitive point of view, it is a little gratifying that the Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-stores in the two largest food retailers were divided Edeka and Rewe,” said the President of the Federal cartel office, Andreas Mundt, the daily mirror. For the consumer way way the case in some regions, including Berlin, a major selection and fallback. “Since the concentration at the retail level continues to progress, there is certainly the complaints of the manufacturers, the big negotiation, the dealer does not be less,” says Mundt. “The industry will employ, therefore, certainly, in the context of the abuse supervision, and more.”

Why is the Emperor's tight?

With the food trade knows, the competition authority. More than two years, had suffered the Drama of Kaiser’s Tengelmann and its nationwide around 400 branches. Tengelmann chief Karl-Erivan Haub was trying to sell its loss-making shops at Edeka, the German Federal cartel office said no. Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) has been switched on, the dishes were tried, the former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) carefully and in countless crisis meetings, bickered, threatened, fought, and the super-market bosses bargained with each other, often against each other. In the end, a compromise: Edeka and Rewe share Kaiser’s Tengelmann, since the beginning of the year, the Deal is legally valid.

the Jobs Are secure?

5300 people work in Berlin for the Kaiser’s, of 15,000 there are nationwide. Their jobs are through the Ministerial approval of Sigmar Gabriel, for at least five years. Now need to tremble the employees of Rewe and Edeka? “No,” says Erika knight, trade expert at Verdi in Berlin-Brandenburg. “The division of the Emperor’s may not result in the loss of jobs at Edeka or Rewe, that we have regulated in a collective agreement.” Rewe or Edeka an Emperor’s-should Load in your area apply should not be sent to the Rewe or Edeka employees home – possible dislocations.

Rewe and Edeka Are even more powerful?

cons threaten more of the customers and the suppliers, believes Daniel’s room. The room was the head of the monopoly Commission, the Ministry advises the Ministry in questions of competition. To Protest against Gabriel’s Minister, the permission of the Jurist in 2016, had put his Post down. Even today, he sees the breakdown of the chain of the two largest food groups, is critical. “In many Berlin districts, the branches of Kaiser’s and Rewe or Edeka are only a few hundred meters away,” said rooms to the daily mirror. Because of the Assumption of competition disappears, would have to count the customers that the prices are on the rise. And also, many food producers are harder times to come. “The big brand name producers, on whose products the supermarkets can’t do without, is related to the less than many medium-sized, regional providers. Where a significant deterioration is imminent", warns the room in front of the increasing negotiatio n pressure.

Why can’t Reichelt?

by Contrast, the farewell Reichelt rather folkloric character. Already in 1995, the grocer, was in economic difficulties, the majority went to Edeka, for 13 years a leader belongs to Reichelt the market completely. The ranges are largely identical. “Reichelt”-specialities, such as the “Reichelt-Pilsener” is to survive the transition, promises Edeka spokeswoman Stolt. There is, then at Edeka. The Tooth of time does not fail to Reichelt – although it had long looked different. 2003 100-year anniversary, announced that the chain will decorate another 100 years, the Berlin city image. That is in the past. A “logical step,” Stolt announced.

A picture of old times: Reicheltphoto: promo

Reichelt was in 1903 by Otto Reichelt originally as a “coffee Reichelt” was launched and turned out in the course of time became a pioneer in Berlin’s food sector. On the market – and loss of Goods after the end of the Second world war, the supermarket responded with the opening of an own syrup cooking. In 1952, replaced Reichelt with the first bottled milk to the milk man, in 1955, the chain opened the first self-service market. At the request of many in Berlin, the brand added shortly afterwards, fresh fruit and vegetables to your growing assortment. Since 1961, the Berlin were able to choose from an extensive range of meat and sausage products. Until today.


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