Sunday, January 15, 2017

WhatsApp encryption gap: Facebook can WhatsApp-messages read – CHIP Online

Boelter have reported the safety problem already in April of 2016 on Facebook. The reaction: It was the “expected behavior”, that is to say: Facebook sees no reason to act. The encryption can be bypassed, seems to be intention. In the current Version of the Guardian was able to determine the Problem.

Even if the attack is good in General, more likely to Intercept a single News, it is, according to Boelter also possible without great difficulties, full conversations to listen.

In a statement to the Guardian refers to WhatsApp on the setting of “security notifications”, which can be enabled in the settings. She is also active by default. This setting means that users in the Chat a message, if the security key of the recipient changes.

In General, appears this note according to the WhatsApp then, when users switch their phone or WhatsApp to re-install.


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