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Exhaust gas scandal: VW internal documents of a burden on winter grain – FOCUS Online

exhaust gas scandal: VW internal documents charge Winterkorn

Sunday, 15.01.2017, 05:40

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VW internal documents to charge the former Board of management Chairman Martin Winterkorn in the exhaust gas affair. The documents show, among other things, as just two months before the scandal, the group will be calculated and the heat, when to tell the U.S. authorities the truth.

The confidential papers, the existence of the “Bild am Sonntag”, have been on 27. July 2015 at a meeting with Winterkorn in Wolfsburg, Germany, is presented.

To the public Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig many of the around 15 participants confirmed that during the meeting, the responsible engineer Thorsten D. the show explained images. It is said in a document: “no emissions change in the acoustic mode”. This meant that exhaust gases are unfiltered blown out of the exhaust. The term “acoustic mode” used by VW internally for the Scam software. One of the participants said to the newspaper: “We talked about the fact that something Illegal has been installed in our cars.”

In his examination, said Thorsten D.: He thought, that he will, at the latest, in the third film “blown away”. However, the winter grain had surprisingly remained quiet. He told later in the session, only to a technician who helped develop the fraud software: “You and your Software!”

Cool balancing of costs

According to “BamS”-information about the round discussed whether and when to admit to fraud the U.S. environmental protection authorities of the Exhaust gas. In the document, “diesel vehicles USA, test cycle: authorities strategy” were the “opportunities” and “risks” are weighed. So VW in a “defensive” approach with a secure approval for new models expected, but also with “very high fines”.

The participants had been but agree, to clarify the matter, “offensive” (lower penalty payments, uncertain approval of new models) with the Americans. In a VW memo of 30. July is, however, no more talk of complete transparency towards the authorities. There it is, “winter grain” on the 28. July, the following procedure was confirmed: “Partial disclosure of the Gen 1 and Gen 2 problem”.

confession came only months later

The whole amounted to VW confessed in September. VW-shareholders complain, therefore, to damages in the billions, the public Prosecutor’s office determined, among other things, against the winter grain due to a suspicion of market manipulation.

Volkswagen and the winter-grain reject the allegations. VW claims that the face of contradictory witness statements, the contents of the meeting were not reconstructed. Winterkorn wants to. only a brief discussion of the theme on 27 July, remember, assured him that the problems with the US had been, authorities would be resolved.

Against the winter grain and other managers is determined on suspicion of market manipulation. You should have informed the financial markets in the autumn of 2015 to late on the exhaust gas scandal. Investor claims, therefore, to damages in the billions, because the price of the VW share price following the announcement of the scandal will be crashed. Winter grain was withdrawn at the end of September 2015 in the Wake of the exhaust gas scandal, but had stressed to be any misconduct aware of.

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