Sunday, January 15, 2017

Brexit: Britain is considering new economic model – MIRROR ONLINE

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is aiming for the newspaper to agree according to reports, a hard cut with the EU. The Brexit plans of the head of government had not been met, an exit of Britain from the EU internal market, the customs Union and an Exit from the EU-court, were reported by several British Newspapers on Sunday. May want to explain your ideas in a speech on Tuesday.

The “Sunday Telegraph” quoted a government representative saying: “she wants to do it. The people will know: As you said, ‘Brexit means Brexit’, she said exactly this.” The “Sunday Times” wrote, May announce a “clean and hard Brexit”. May will reveal that she is “ready to lead Britain out of the European single market and the customs Union”, – writes “Telegraph” in its Sunday edition.

Mays plans, ran on a so-called Brexit – in the core, a clear break with the common market would be so. This would allow the UK to exit the EU-the free movement of persons and to control its immigration policy, again completely alone. For many Brexit advocates this was a key issue in the Referendum in June.

“Soft Brexit” apparently from the table

The Alternative, which was discussed in the past few months, would have given a “soft Brexit”, the UK a further access to the single market in exchange for concessions about the free movement of persons.

missing the UK after a “hard Brexit” access to the European market, will reconsider the country according to the words of the Finance Minister Philip Hammond to be a model of the economy. They wanted to be associated with Europe, but “if you force us to be something else, then we will have to be something different,” said Hammond of the “world on Sunday”.

a trigger may be the economic circumstances. “If we do not have access to the European market, if we are locked out, if the UK left the European Union without an Agreement on market access, then we might suffer at least short-term economic damage. In this case, we could be forced to change our economic model.”

the UK Is a tax haven?

The government in London has already announced plans to lower tax rates for businesses. Hammond added that in the spring, the intention will be communicated officially to withdraw from the EU. “We expect that we may begin substantial negotiations with the EU before the summer.” Uncertainty is harmful to the economy in the whole of Europe. “We would like to create as much clarity as possible as early as possible. And we hope that we could quickly look to agree on how a future Arrangement, and that we can proceed 2019 seamlessly.”

The Brexit vote by the end of June have sent a clear message that the country must have control over immigration. “At the Moment we have absolutely no control, as little as it may be. This has got to stop.” Because on the island of full employment, immigrants need the economy. “Therefore, we will conduct ourselves in a rational and economically sensible.”

at the end of March wants to submit May, in Brussels, officially the withdrawal application in the UK, and then two years for the exit negotiations. So far, May had been left open, what exact goals are you aiming for in the negotiations.


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