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Martin Winterkorn knew early on about the VW exhaust fraud? –

former VW CEO Martin winter Was informed grain much earlier than the exhaust-scandal than previously known? Unknown internal documents that could incriminate the former head of the group. The “Bild am Sonntag reported,” and refers to confidential papers.

These are the 27. July 2015 at a meeting with Winterkorn in Wolfsburg, Germany, is presented. The documentation shall show, among other things, as just two months prior to the known of the scandal, the group will be calculated, when to tell the U.S. authorities the truth. A VW spokesman would not comment on the request.

Just a short conversation

the winter grain and the Volkswagen group’s top management have always stressed to have to wait until September 2015 of the exhaust gas manipulation. Volkswagen and winter grain rejected the allegations, according to the “Bild am Sonntag”. Winterkorn wants to, according to the newspaper, only to have a brief meeting on the subject on 27. July, remember, assured him had been, the problems in the US would be solved.

Against the winter grain and other managers is determined on suspicion of market manipulation. You should have informed the financial markets in the autumn of 2015 to late on the exhaust-scandal. Investor claims, therefore, to damages in the billions, because the VW share price went up after the scandal on the decline. Winter grain was withdrawn at the end of September 2015 in the Wake of the exhaust gas scandal, but had stressed to be any misconduct aware of.

“You and your Software!”

participants of the session in July of 2015, told the newspaper: “We talked about the fact that something Illegal has been installed in our cars.” The participants have said with a view on the presentations, he thought, that he will, at the latest, in the third film “blown away”. However, the winter grain had surprisingly remained quiet. He told later in the session, only to a technician who had developed the fraud software: “You and your Software!”

According to the newspaper, discussed the round of whether or when you should confess to fraud the U.S. environmental protection authorities of the exhaust gas. The exhaust gas scandal has its origins in the United States.

“opportunities” and “risks”

opportunities “and” risks “had” been weighed in the balance. So VW was expecting a “defensive” approach with a secure approval for new models, but also with “very high fines”. The participants have been agreed, the matter is “offensive” to be able to tackle with lower penalties, but an uncertain approval of new models.

VW had already declared the beginning of 2016 in the opinion of the regional court of Braunschweig, Winterkorn and VW brand boss, Herbert, This would be at the Meeting on 27. July 2015 part. Literally, it was in a reply from VW: “Neither the specific content of this informal meeting, the specific points in time at which the relevant Board members, in Detail, to reconstruct it.” It is possible, but not certain, that then a software change was cited as a reason for the increased exhaust-gas values. According to the indictment against the Manager, the Management allowed US colleagues, to conceal the existence of this Modification. According to VW, Winterkorn called for at the Meeting in July 2015, a further clarification.

leniency to say something else

NDR, WDR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung” had reported that new evidence suggested that the winter grain was earlier informed about the exhaust manipulations than previously known. Leniency had said in an interview with U.S. investigators, they would have spoken in 2012 and 2014, with a close Intimate Winterkorn’s outstanding about a illegal Software in the Diesel vehicles in the U.S. market.

One of the witnesses said that he had assumed that this would be passed on to the Chairman of the Board. In July 2015, an engineer had mentioned the issue during a meeting with the winter grain, which have so acted, as he knew long ago.

The exhaust gas scandal had brought down VW in a serious crisis. The car maker has agreed in the meantime, after a long struggle with US authorities to comparisons in the billions. Six former and current VW-managers are accused in the United States, one of them sits in the United States in custody.

winter grain will next Thursday (19.1.) before the exhaust gas investigation Committee of the Bundestag to appear. The Committee is intended to clarify, particularly, since when the Federal government of the manipulations, knew and how close the cooperation between politicians and the auto lobby.


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