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The son-in-law of the future American President will be a chief Advisor in the White house – and thus to the conflict of interests on two legs.

Kathrin Werner, New York

at First it looked like a mistake that Jared Kushner has bought the skyscraper on Fifth Avenue. In 2007, Kushner was just 26 years old, and he wanted to get out of the unglamorous Florham Park in the unglamorous state of New Jersey, the New York Elite just smiles mockingly So he bought the office tower, 666 Fifth Avenue near the Rockefeller center, for $ 1.8 billion, a record price, the bulk of the money was borrowed. Then came the crisis, the business proved to be a loss, the refinancing was expensive.

Perhaps the purchase was not a mistake. Because suddenly, the Boy from New Jersey was a serious Investor in New York, his real estate company resided at the Rockefeller Center and Kushner got access to the New York society. The Harvard graduate with the dimples and shy Smile met Donald Trumps daughter Ivanka to know you, and married you.

scratches For the purchase of the clouds 666 Fifth Avenue is Kushner’s life is the exact opposite of unglamourös. “He is the most powerful person, according to Trump,” said an Insider for the Online magazine Politico. Media call him the “Trump-Whisperer”. “Jared Kushner is the biggest Surprise of the election in 2016,” said Eric Schmidt, Ex-CEO of Google, the magazine Forbes. “As far as I can tell, he has conducted the election campaign with almost no resources.” Trump even called Kushner “a brilliant young man”. Kushner is the Only one that can bring the volatile future President to rest and in a good mood. Now, is trump’s son-in-law of one of the chief advisors in the White house, the staff of the President-elect confirmed on Monday evening. Kushner is the conflict of interests on two legs.

Kushner is attempted will not receive a salary

His lawyer, Jamie Gorelick, this impression on the Monday immediately counter: your client will be the Ministry of justice legal advice, quoting the New York Times Gorelick. In addition, Kushner plans to sell parts of its real estate Holdings and other business ventures to his brother and a Trust that his mother’s chair. His Position as publisher of the Observer the 35 has passed-Year-old already on his brother-in-law. His new role should look like, betrayed Gorelick, at least in broad terms.

So Kushner will get, allegedly, no salary, and to take care of focus on the issues of Israel and the Middle East. In addition, your client will work in free trade matters closely with Trumps leadership by the trade Minister, Wilbur Ross, said Gorelick. Whether that’s enough to pacify all those who fear a violation of Anti-nepotism laws and conflicts of interest?

An example of the conflicts of interest of the office tower, 666 Fifth Avenue, of all places. Kushner wants to convert the prestigious property and renovate – all with the Chinese insurance group, status, to anbang. Kushner and Anbangs chief Wu Xiaohui, spouse of granddaughter of China’s former leader Deng Xiaoping, should have a week after Trumps electoral success in the Waldorf Astoria, met to negotiate about the cooperation. It was 2100 dollars expensive Château Lafite Rothschild, wrote the New York Times. Wu is said to have come to electoral victory, which could only mean Good things for the economy, then he announced to want to Trump swiftly meeting.

son-in-law’s Unwavering loyalty to Trump

For his son, they float in front of Trump titles such as “Senior Advisor” or “Special Counsel”. He should take care of everything, what Trump is important. Directly after the election victory of his father-in-law he was sitting but only once with a controversial foreign leader at the negotiating table. Status, to anbang, among other things, the New Yorker Hotel Waldorf Astoria belongs to, the Chinese paid 1.95 billion dollars, a record for an American Hotel.

Since then, President Barack Obama is Still rising-not at the Waldorf Astoria, finally, the room might be bugged. Status, to anbang is considered close to the government, the structures and the Financial entanglements of the group are opaque. Kushner plans according to his lawyer, prior to his appointment as the official Trump-adviser as the chief Executive officer of his real estate company to withdraw. He will divest assets, including, apparently, 666 Fifth Avenue. But just like Trump, he gives no details of the exact plans, the conflicts of interests should be eliminated.

His loyalty to Donald Trump is unshakable. “My father-in-law,” says Jared Kushner, “is an incredibly loving and tolerant Person.”

trump’s circle of power

are you a consultant, a future Minister or members of the family: These heads will affect the next US President, Trump. By Sebastian Gierke, Sebastian Jannasch, Markus Schulte, v. Drach, Paul Munzinger, Alexander Triesch more…


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