Tuesday, January 10, 2017

America-China: Jack Ma has in the Trump Tower employed – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

As Jack Ma, founder of the largest E-Commerce provider Alibaba and the post-Mao Zedong probably the best-known Chinese, on Monday in the minus five degrees cold in New York in a hutzelige hooded jacket encased in the Trump Tower and hurried, reached the relations between America and China, its interim low point.

Hendrik Ankenbrand author: Hendrik brand, business, Anke correspondent for China, based in Shanghai.

The “revenge of the Chinese people” had Beijing’s party newspaper “Global Times threatens” the next President Donald Trump, it should move away from the “One China policy”, the foreign Nations prohibits the to treat the island of Taiwan as an independent state. Previously, the state news Agency Xinhua Trump had asked, to with the the sometimes daily attacks against China by the short message on the Smartphone: “An obsession with ‘foreign policy by Twitter’ is not desirable!”

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time for the appearance of China’s unofficial chief diplomat Jack Ma. A good half-hour of the entrepreneur with the Trump voice on Monday in the Golden tower, went with the next President, by Elevator to the ground floor and announced on the page in front of television cameras and newspaper reporters, what he had brought as a gift: the sales platform Alibaba and he will help to create in the United States, a Million new jobs in small and medium-sized enterprises, promised Ma.

This Plan sounds as vague as the workplace-the promise of earlier foreign visitors to the Trump Tower, such as the Chairman of the Board of the Japanese Bank Softbank Masayoshi Son, had passed to the next President, even the prospect of 50,000 new jobs by investing billions in the United States as a gift.

the operation of The workplace-account of Alibaba founder Ma is as follows: by the platform receiving a Million American dealers, the Chinese customers could sell more agricultural products such as fertilizer from America’s Middle West, can do that for the small entrepreneurs in the United States for at least one extra job per. “Jack and I are going to hold great things,” Trump said after the Meeting, because it is also patronizing and pointing with the outstretched index finger on his small stature and the neighbors: good man.

was Made Trump his announcement from the election campaign, to rise on Chinese import products, in future import duties in the amount of 45 percent, would Alibaba be a Problem: on his side, AliExpress, the group sold to American customers, all in the middle Kingdom-produced products that are likely to be less in demand. In no other country, China exports more than America. But above all, it would make Alibaba, China should continue as a response to Trumps protectionism the tariff barriers. This would increase the price of the Import of American products in China. 7000 American brands have sold last year, according to data from Alibaba on the platforms of the group with a value of 15 billion dollars to Chinese customers.

in view of the approaching trade war between the two largest economic powers in the world Jack Ma in the Trump Tower was considered to be the angel of peace: “We believe that the Sino-us relations will be strengthened, and friendly should be,” said Ma after the Meeting in the Lobby of the tower.

In its Chinese homeland, the entrepreneur was celebrated by his countrymen on the Internet: Ma should be the “next trade Minister,” the people’s Republic, wrote the user “Meatball110″ on the short message service Weibo, China’s counterpart to Twitter. And users ZhaoShiGuYeJeffery asked Ma, in spite of the absence of free elections in China to apply high, yeah to the highest Offices: “Jack Ma should be the President of China!”


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