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He knew much earlier of manipulation?: VW leniency from the pack: Heavy … – FOCUS Online

he Knew much earlier of manipulation?: VW leniency unpack: Serious allegations against the winter grain

Tuesday, 10.01.2017, 17:23

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The former CEO Winterkorn and the President of the Volkswagen Board of management, Diess will already know by the end of July 2015 of the exhaust tampering, but for weeks and said nothing.

In the exhaust-affair at Volkswagen, the former chief Executive, Martin Winterkorn, and the current Board member Herbert Diess will be charged according to the information of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, NDR and WDR difficult. Two VW Employees from the middle Management says as leniency with the U.S. Department of justice, winter grain, and Diess were informed at the end of July 2015 about the Manipulation of pollutant measurements in Diesel vehicles in the United States.

The top management of the group have responded, but no Initiative to the US authorities over the manipulation and to make a clean sweep. Rather, the cover-up went on for weeks. So it is also in a criminal complaint by a U.S. investigator in court in Detroit, against the weekend in Florida arrested a VW Manager. This Manager was the head of the engineering and environmental office of Volkswagen in the United States. He is also accused of cover-up.

VW represents the case differently

at Least five VW Workers have made to the US authorities as a leniency. The statements of the two managers met, the winter grain, and This burden, then the exhaust, the affair would get a new Dimension. In addition, shareholders of Volkswagen, the Wolfsburg-based car group to more than eight billion euros in damages for the loss before they sue your papers would have more chance of success. So far, VW has shown the case is quite different. The former group’s Executive Board to the winter grain have come to know by the end of August, beginning of September 2015 from the fake exhaust gas measurements. Then, the manipulations were the US authorities on 3. September 2015 have been disclosed.

in Particular, the testimony of the crown witness number 1 at the U.S. Department of justice. This VW Manager was a Department head in the area of diesel engines. He has reported that, according to connoisseurs of the case to the U.S. investigators that he had the local authorities with a deadline of November 19. August 2015 in the United States on your own and contrary to instructions of his superiors about the fraud. He didn’t want to swindle the authorities any longer.

winter grain is said to have rejected allegations

After returning to VW in Wolfsburg in him had been made at the time of the allegations. The statements of two key witnesses, which were published by the U.S. Department of justice, now in part, will be the winter grain is known. The Ex-head of the group, is said to have rejected the allegations. Winter grain was entered in September 2015 due to the exhaust gas affair back and had already disputed at the time of misconduct. Volkswagen circles, it is said, the accusations against It were false. This was on 1. July 2015 by BMW to Wolfsburg changed. He is for the VW brand in charge.

Volkswagen insists on the previous presentation, according to which the manipulations in the United States had been immediately admitted to the authorities, after the Board got the news. “It has changed according to current knowledge, up to today, nothing Major,” said VW on Tuesday on request.

Video: VW Board of management declares in no uncertain terms, what employees now expect

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