Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Comparison with Ministry of justice: VW to pay 4.3 billion Dollar fine – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Volkswagen has cleared the last big chunks to cope with the exhaust gas scandal in the United States, almost out of the way. Of an ad Hoc announcement by the company Wednesday evening that it has agreed to Volkswagen with the American Ministry of justice and the customs authorities of the country concerning the amount of the fines in the exhaust gas scandal fundamentally. Penalties and fines will amount to around 4.3 billion dollars. In the communication it was stated that VW has a specific design for a comparison with the American authorities. It was in “advanced talks”.

In comparison to backs VW in addition, to strengthen its internal control systems and accepted for the next three years, an independent overseer. The Supervisory Board and the Board of management of VW wanted to advise in the evening on the consent of the comparison. Also, the American authorities and the competent courts in the United States have yet to agree definitively.

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“it Comes to the comparison, the payment obligations is expected to be a the existing provisions in excess of financial expenses” in the message of Volkswagen. The group had so far made a total of more than EUR 18 billion for the cost of the exhaust gas scandal. “How high is the load for the year will be a result of 2016, specifically, depends on a number of other factors, and it is not yet possible to determine”, – stated in the VW-communication. In comparison, VW is also an acknowledgment of debt and against American law. In addition, facts about the causes and the responsibility for the scandal to be found, the basis of the penalty payments.

For Volkswagen, the agreement is a success. The Management in Wolfsburg, the group’s CEO Matthias Müller wanted to reach an agreement before the change of government in America in the coming week. Thus, the company has in America, in important points, largely planning security about the consequences of the exhaust gas scandal. The arrest of a VW Manager in the diesel affair lost against the Background of the agreement with the Ministry of justice on the settlement of a criminal investigations drama. In the lawsuit against the employees says, senior managers in Headquarters had been in July 2015 about the existence and purpose of the Software, with the help of the exhaust emission values of diesel engines had been tampered with. These managers, who were not named in the lawsuit in particular, but decided to keep the cheating to continue in front of American authorities.

According to one media report, it should be the former Board of management Chairman Martin Winterkorn and the current VW management Board member Herbert Diess. How far these allegations remain maintained, is likely to show the Statement of Facts. Volkswagen had not taken to the accusations, a spokesman referred to the procedures on the ongoing investigation. Against winter grain and Diess, the Braunschweig Prosecutor’s office identified since the early summer. The allegations from America were therefore not new.

the comparison with The American authorities in the case of the prosecution was one of the most important open questions in the legal processing of the exhaust gas affair in America, after VW had closed in the last few months, a series of comparisons with customers and other civil plaintiffs.

In the case of the defendant’s Manager is the 48-year-old Oliver Schmidt, who was in the past years, for communication with American regulators, such as environmental authorities are responsible, and for a time also in the United States worked. He is accused of being part of a conspiracy to defraud the United States and the customers of VW. He was arrested on Saturday in Miami, where he was on vacation. The American authorities are trying to find the people responsible for the manipulations with the help of leniency. The lawsuit relies in part on information obtained from James Liang, a former VW engineer who’s been accused of in the past year, and a confession has passed. Supposedly, two out of five applicants, winter grain, and Diess are a heavy burden.


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