Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mario Draghi and Matteo Renzi: investors hacked, apparently E-Mail-accounts – MIRROR ONLINE

A sibling pair in Italy to have hacked E-Mail accounts of politicians, bankers and businessmen – including one from Mario Draghi. Apparently, they wanted to use the information for money investments.

ECB President Mario Draghi


ECB President Mario Draghi

scandal in Italy: hackers apparently penetrated the email accounts of the former Italian Central Bank chief and current ECB President Mario Draghi and former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The police detained according to information on Tuesday, two siblings suspected to have thousands of accounts hacked – including Celebrities.

The investigators accuse the Suspect, a 45-year-old trained nuclear technician and his 48-year-old sister, theft of state secrets and illegal Hacking.

The attacked E-Mail accounts were also business people and cardinals in the Vatican, said the investigator Roberto di Legami, the Reuters news Agency. As is clear from the Material provided, could the Hacker access to about 18,000 E-Mail accounts. Around 2000 passwords had been cracked. According to di Legami the hacked E-Mails were used probably from the 45-Year-old, he lead the investment company Westland Securities. How, exactly, is being examined.

Ex-Premier Mario Monti should a victim be

The Hacker is likely to have developed the used malicious software itself. There is also evidence to suggest that he could install a “Keylogger” on some computers. With such Software, all data can be input on the keyboard of an infected computer to monitor.

To the hacked accounts, according to police information, Renzi’s e-Mail address during his time as head of government of Italy and Draghi, the Italian Central Bank, which he headed prior to joining the ECB-tip.

Draghi’s e-Mail account with the European Central Bank was not mentioned in the warrant, however, as the target. Among the Victims of the Hackerangiffs also the former Director of the Italian Central Bank, Fabrizio Saccomanni, the Minister of culture of Vatican, cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, as well as with Mario Monti, another Ex-head of the government.

The ECB and the Bank of Italy declined to comment. Speaker of Renzi, as well as cardinal Ravasi were initially not reachable. About 99 percent of the stolen data were stored according to police in the United States. The FBI made sure, at the Request of a Roman court of the Server.


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