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  • this 27. July should have know winter grain and Diess of technicians of middle Management from the exhaust gas having an affair.
  • The 27. July is so important because according to the official presentation of the VW the Board of management should only weeks later, of the manipulations.
Claus Hulverscheidt, Georg Mascolo and Klaus Ott

The so-called damage to the table in Wolfsburg, that was a long time a very dreaded event at Volkswagen. Technicians do not have to justify to the Board of management Chairman Martin Winterkorn, if anything worked, and this threatened to be for the corporate tax.

According to the way the car does not start was when it was just too big, even on that table, around which the winter grain led round had gathered. The chief, a renowned inventor, to inspect the part carefully. And not rarely a traffic jam, he killed those who had failed in his eyes, in front of everybody.

So it went on for years, so was accustomed to the Volkswagen. Up to a damage table on the 27. July 2015, to begin possibly the end of the career Winterkorn’s outstanding. This day could be a key date in the exhaust-affair of Volkswagen. Winter grain was appeared together with the new colleagues on the Board, Herbert Diess, who had only come four weeks in advance of BMW in Munich, Volkswagen in Wolfsburg. And take care of in the group with the many brands from Audi to Porsche to VW vehicles, the weakening core business.

At the end of the damage table from the 27. July 2015 is to be the largest Problem in the group. The Diesel vehicles from VW in the USA, launched very much more harmful nitrogen oxides, than was allowed by law. The left, for ever more and ever more accurate measurements, no longer hide. The US authorities wanted to know what was going on.

Like a VW Manager in the clutches of the FBI

A vacation in Florida, a VW Manager has got to be disastrous. He had probably extra investigate, whether against him will be determined. But that was a mistake. By Claus Hulverscheidt and Klaus Ott more …

leniency are important. But you don’t have to always tell the truth

this 27. July should have know winter grain and Diess of technicians of middle Management, what was the thing that Volkswagen had betrayed the environmental authorities for many years, falsified measurement results. A secretly built-in Defeat Device made sure that the exhaust cleaning work for the official Tests on the test bench in the lab so well. On the road, but then was shut down because the operating and maintenance costs for the vehicles, otherwise, too high and VW Overseas would no longer have been competitive.

The 27. July is so important because according to the official presentation of the VW the Board of management should only weeks later, of the manipulations. Of the alleged operation on the damage table, then VW is reported to have technicians from the middle Management, the U.S. Department of justice. You will be guided to as the “cooperating witness” 1 and 2; the American investigators estimate to be credible. The reward for their talkativeness: you will not be prosecuted in the US criminal law. This tactic is practiced in many States: to protect the Bottom to the Top. From bottom to top through the group work.

So this was also the case of Siemens, the Munich public Prosecutor’s office had revealed a decade ago, a world-wide System of slush funds and payments of bribes at Siemens. The industrial group had bribed governments, officials and business partners, in order to obtain lucrative contracts for the construction of power plants, the supply of telecommunications equipment, and more.

Those who had been, according to findings of the German judiciary to be a “cog in the System”, got off to a good. If you unpacked. The investigators wanted to in the chief days. Wanted to know who was ultimately to blame for the criminal activity. A former Siemens Executive Board, all of the rejects, of course, the allegations now before the court. Such procedures take a long time.

leniency are important, but you don’t have to always tell the truth. A former VW Manager, knows the exhaust affair and its actors are good to very good and also knows of the statements of the leniency, to their accusations. The “protection assertions” by people who are themselves implicated in the affair. Under pressure, wanted to buy, by they delivered to the authorities incriminating statements over the Top. The former VW-man, the objects, is not a defendant. He is free of suspicion, to be the fraud may have been involved or known about it.

VW already had almost a year ago, on actions for damages by shareholders back to the district court of Braunschweig to the Meeting on the 27th. July 2015. The “concrete content of this informal meeting” and not let themselves in Detail to reconstruct it. The same is true for the question of what the Board did when participated on the damage table. It is possible that individual employees would be notified of this opportunity for the first time that the Diesel-based problems in the United States on a Software, the affected pollutant emissions in the case of official measurements on the test bench. Of violations of US law had not been “according to the current knowledge of the speech”. Winter grain have demanded that the facts of the case to further clarify.

Board of management, Diess has traveled in the United States. He wants the drivers again for VW

The inspire has notified Volkswagen of the end of February 2015, the regional court of Braunschweig. It had changed until today, “nothing Essential,” says VW. Winterkorn himself denies any wrongdoing. The law firm that represents him, did not comment on the request to the accusations. In the case of VW and in the environment of the group is, however, known that the winter grain has asserted in the internal investigation of the company is its innocence. He was on 27. July 2015 on the damage table and not by the manipulations in the United States have been reported.

Diess, says Volkswagen, all of the allegations. The former BMW man, and today’s VW-restructuring specialist, has even travelled to the USA, to the auto show after Detroit. This aims to inspire motorists Overseas again for VW. Easily, that is not likely to fall after the exhaust gas having an affair. But at least This does not have to worry about other than the now detained VW Manager to have to remain in the United States. There are no signs.

notice straining VW-top hard

The exhaust gas affair could get a new Dimension: The former CEO Winterkorn and the President of the Volkswagen Board of management, Diess will already know by the end of July 2015 of the exhaust tampering, but week have been silent. By Claus Hulverscheidt, Georg Mascolo, and Klaus Ott more …


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