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Concern for Bombardier Jobs: top with Gabriel ends meet without concrete result – Handelsblatt

interview with Bombardier

Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel (r-l, SPD), Olivier Höbel, district Manager of IG Metall in Berlin, and Michael Fohrer, Germany-chief of Bombardier Transportation, Dietmar Woidke (SPD), Prime Minister of Brandenburg and of Saxony Stanislaw Tillich (CDU), Prime Minister of Saxony, the Federal Ministry of Economics in Berlin, after a working meeting on the future of the German sites of Bombardier Transportation.

(photo: Reuters)

BerlinThe top-level meeting with the Federal Minister for economic Affairs and energy, Sigmar Gabriel, and the Bombardier Management is, as expected, no concrete result has been completed. Gabriel said after the Meeting in the Federal Ministry of economic Affairs on Monday evening only “East Germany needs industrial jobs”. The policy will do everything Possible to secure the jobs. “But until then, it is still a long way off.”

So Gabriel suggested, indirectly, that the group chief Executive, Laurent Troger planned cuts will be severe.

should be deleted circles According to unconfirmed information from the trade-sheet from the company an additional 2,500 jobs in Germany, after last year 1430 Jobs are removed. Bombardier Transportation employs at its seven locations in Germany and the company’s headquarters in Berlin, 8500 employees.

Even before Troger Gabriel to answer, had to, tried the canadian locomotive builders in on Monday to smooth the waters. Germany will not remain the case in the future, is a “crucial site for the development, but also for the production and maintenance of railway technology”, assured the company in the run-up to the summit meeting in Berlin. The same Statement it gave in the evening after the Meeting with the Minister, the representatives of the States of Brandenburg and Saxony and the IG Metall took part.

funding for the train manufacturer: Saxony wants to Bombardier’s sites keep

Saxony’s Prime Minister Tillich (CDU) wants to protect the threatened locations of the rail technology manufacturer Bombardier for funding. The canadian company reported worldwide jobs will be cut. more…

information from the trade-sheet, according to which the withdrawal from the production of rail vehicles to be examined, had politicians such as employee representatives, in December, alarmed. Gabriel invited the Bombardier Board of Directors for an interview on Monday. Bombardier campaigned then understand that “we need to have further discussions with the social partners, before we can make more detailed statements.”

Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) said in the evening, it was positive that Bombardier was now ready to talk with the councils about the future of the sites. The Problem: Bombardier, was shrouded largely in Silence, when it came to renovation plans. Only this much is known: After 1430, which had already been in the course of the year 2016 to be deleted, the company announced in autumn the loss of further 5000 Jobs in the area of Transportation, without mentioning Details.

Above all, the works in Hennigsdorf, near Berlin, Bautzen and Görlitz could be affected by the reorganization plan. Alone work the 5500 employees. The IG Metall warned that “to achieve necessary changes, and not without or against, but only with the workforce”. “That’s why we continue to demand the waiver of dismissals for operational reasons,” said Olivier Höbel, IG Metall district Berlin-Brandenburg-Sachsen.

trade Union and the works Council would have made the “existential Concerns and needs of the workforce”. “We take at the same time, the economic Situation of the company and the pressure on the competitiveness to knowledge”, underlined Höbel.

Bombardier Transportation (BT) is a division of the canadian group, which makes around 18 billion dollars in sales, and aircraft builds. A aircraft new development had brought the company to the brink of Ruin, and to the entry of the state. The need for remediation is considered also in the case of the transport division, the employees in the best of times for almost 40,000 people. In Germany, the number of employees has shrunk by almost 10,000 already on the 8500.


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