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VW before the billion-compared with US-justice – FOCUS Online

VW before billion settlement with U.S. justice

Wednesday, 11.01.2017, 05:48

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Volkswagen is in the “diesel-gate”scandal, the next billion bill in the house.

A draft settlement with the U.S. Department of justice criminal payments in the amount of approximately $ 4.3 billion (4.1 billion dollars), as VW announced on Tuesday evening. Volkswagen was in advanced talks with the Ministry and the customs authority. In Parallel with this explosive stuff to bring statements in the Wake of a criminal complaint to the top management of the group under pressure.

the billion-compromise want to accompany the group for over a year, on high trips, and ongoing criminal investigations, the U.S. Department of justice. However, the agreement will also include additional civil fines. The carmaker values due to manipulated the exhaust gas at a large number of diesel car fraud and violations of the U.S. clean air act accused of.

acknowledgment of DEBT

In the context of the negotiated settlement, the VW-Aufsichtsratsrat “short-term”, would give the group a admission of guilt. Thus, the car manufacturer would admit to criminal violations of U.S. criminal law violated. In addition, VW will increase its control systems, and for the next three years by an external overseer. The U.S. justice Department did not want to speak first to the settlement negotiations.

VW has laid out for legal costs in the exhaust gas scandal is already 18.2 billion euros set aside. This sum is not sufficient, however, for the group, according to expected. With hundreds of U.S. civil claimants – customers, car dealers and US authorities – had VW already comparisons to be agreed, which could cost about $ 17 billion. How high is the burden on the result for the year 2016 will ultimately fail, currently not say, told the group.

Volkswagen is grappling with the U.S. Department of justice before the office of the future President Donald Trump on 20. January to settle. CEO Matthias Müller had said in November after the US elections, he hoped that the outcome will not have a negative impact on the negotiations. The conclusion of the comparison would indeed be expensive, but at the same time, a kind of liberation, the crisis group correctly his daily business, could dedicate to.


The pending agreement of Volkswagen with the US authorities in the exhaust gas scandal charged to the VW parent company Porsche SE . Because of their involvement in Volkswagen, the financial impact on the group is expected to push earnings for the fiscal year 2016, the Porsche Automobil Holding SE announced on Tuesday in Stuttgart. Specific Figures were not called.

VW had given in September 2015, with a special Software in large-scale emission tests for diesel cars tampered with. According to the U.S. environmental protection authorities, the “Defeat Device” programs ensured that the actual emissions of the pollutant nitrogen oxide between test mode and normal operation deviated by up to 40-fold. The scandal had taken in September 2015 in the United States after allegations from the local environmental authorities.

the FBI THROWS the VW group, top cover-UPS in FRONT of

The affair that has the group in a severe crisis. Shortly after the manipulations are, the then chief Executive, Martin Winterkorn, had resigned. Worldwide, around eleven million vehicles are affected, more than 550 000 of them in the United States. Outside North America, VW bristles with reference to the different legal situation against reparations for aggrieved customers. Lawyers want to ride in Europe as compensation.

on Monday there had been a new Trouble for VW in the diesel affair. The Federal police FBI accused the VW group of lace cover-UPS in the scandal, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in Detroit published a criminal complaint against a senior staff member. A few months before the Blow of the affair in the autumn of 2015, the Manager of Volkswagen in the case of employees had approved the concealment of the exhaust-manipulation, it says in the court document.

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