Monday, January 9, 2017

New Vertuschungs-allegations against Volkswagen – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The American justice, the group accuses top Volkswagen cover-UPS in the diesel scandal. A few months before the Blow of the affair Manager of the Wolfsburg-based car manufacturer’s employees had approved the concealment of the exhaust gas manipulation, said in a on Monday from a court of competent jurisdiction in Detroit, published a criminal complaint against a senior VW-employees.

The man belongs to a group of employees, the Management at a Meeting on 27. July 2015 about the risks of fraud informed. Instead of the investigation of the Case to the under high pressure against VW investigating authorities to arrange, have authorized the group’s management to return to the shenanigans under the carpet. Similar suspicions had been before.

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The investigators based on the affidavit of an FBI agent and statements of several VW Insider, who cooperate as witnesses with the Federal police FBI. 18. September 2015, was blown of the scandal, after the environment had made the authorities with their allegations against VW to the public. A spokesman for the group did not want to comment on the new allegations.

One of the listed witnesses claimed that with the decision, the exhaust gas amounted, ultimately, to admit, to have the instructions of his Department. Allegedly, the supervisor noted, even prior to a Meeting with the California’s environmental authority in August 2015 at the exchange, the exhaust-fraud.

The statements were not made by VW employees, which are self-placed investments in the diesel affair to the load – including a longtime engineer who had made according to a criminal complaint in September of a leniency Deal. The more you contribute with your information to create awareness of the Crime, the easier you could get.

The FBI had taken the accused to the VW Manager, according to a speaker on the last Saturday in Miami. The man should be paraded in the afternoon (local time) for the first time, the judge, is a participation in the mass falsification of the exhaust gas values in the hundreds of thousands of diesel cars and mislead the American authorities have accused of. The defendant and his lawyers were not initially be reached for comment.

The criminal complaint against the authorities for years for VW to make and until March 2015 in a senior function with the environment in the United States, staff was already on 30. December 2016, the court in Detroit has been submitted. The criminal complaint was, however, only now, after the arrest, from the Ministry of justice published.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Detroit, according to the man is to be brought – if the court agrees, and he and his lawyers don’t defend themselves against it – as quickly as possible to the place of the process in Detroit. The VW Manager is not allowed to leave the country and could also be taken into custody if he should put his extradition to Michigan, said the spokesperson.

The allegations come at a bad time. The group is close to an agreement with the authorities, to the criminal to settle legal charges against the company – against individual Manager in comparison. This week it should be ready shortly before the inauguration of the future President Donald Trump. That was the negotiating, the declared goal of the group, did not want with a Trump Administration, a New start.


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