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Germany is to remain a production location for rail technology – MDR

Germany will remain a crucial site for the development, production and maintenance of railway technology, Germany head of Bombardier Transportation, and Michael Fohrer, prior to the interview, with Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel in Berlin: “Germany therefore plays a Central role in our long-term strategy.” Fohrer was responding to an article of the “Handelsblatt”, after Bombardier check the closure of entire production sites in Germany. This was part of the reorganization plan, with about a quarter of the workforce in Germany currently, 8,500 employees mined should be, according to the sheet in advance of its Monday edition, citing industry circles.

Dulig: “industry jobs in the Region”

Saxony wirtschatfs Minister Martin Dulig said after the Bombardier-crisis meeting at the Federal Ministry of the economy, it had become clear that the locations remain unchanged. With what perspective and with what profile, you have to negotiate now.

This is now the task of the have made, especially the IG Metall, the works Council and Bombardier. We, as the free state of Saxony, but are ready and willing to assist. Because we have a large interest in that industry are kept jobs in the Region.

The employees in Bautzen and Görlitz had excellent experiences, so Dulig. They had mastered since 1990, a variety of transformation processes in the company. Bombardier have now, regardless of all the reasons and economic reasons, a social responsibility.

the works Council hopes to promote innovation

The Chairman of the works Council of the Bombardier site in Görlitz, Rene Straube, said after the interview, the staff must now prove strength. It is now about to receive by investing the advance payments made for research and development in the Saxon sites and to secure for the future. The messages of the last few weeks would have made in the workforce in addition to severe irritation. The day had been “a rollercoaster of emotions,” says Straube.

Tough austerity measures

The Hand had cited internal documents of the company, that in the next few weeks and months, the “competences of the locations in Germany, re-defined, and the Strengths bundled” should be checked: “also, the audit of closures of sites, in particular, Görlitz and Bautzen.”

Already in the previous spring, Bombardier had broken down 1,400 jobs in Germany. At the end of October, the group stated that they will emphasize in the course of the saving rate in the world another 7,500. Until the end of 2018, approximately 5,000 Jobs in the railway technology would result in the elimination division, which has its global headquarters in Berlin.

Saxony provides money for technology promotion

The Saxon state government for months, with the Bombardier in the conversation, in order to prevent the reduction. Recently there had been just before Christmas a Meeting at the Saxon state Chancellery. Prime Minister Tillich and Saxony’s Minister of Economics Martin Dulig provided the group financial support for technology promotion. Dulig said after the Meeting, now it is to Bombardier, “our outstretched Hand.” The two Saxon sites of Bombardier Transportation employs according to the latest data from the company’s management, approximately 3,100 employees.

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