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There was only one way: As Steve Jobs the iPhone Show saved – NEWS


Monday, 09. January 2017

The introduction of the first iPhone is about to fail, nothing works as it should, because the device is still not ready. Then, the engineers have a saving idea, but Steve Jobs may not make a single error.

when you look at today, the presentation of the first iPhone, looks to be a perfect Show, the Steve Jobs brings to confidently across the stage. But actually the idea at the Moscone Center would have failed, and maybe an iPhone on 9. January 2007 been shown. Actually, the Smartphone was wrote, the history, on this day, everything other than finished. Such as hair sharp, Steve Jobs slithered his a total disaster, describes the “Internet History Podcast”, “9to5Mac” has summarized the most important Details.

Jobs had rehearsed his presentation for six days, but until shortly before the start it was not possible for him and his Team to bring the iPhone due to the complete appearance. Sometimes the Internet connection is lost, sometimes no calls came in, and the device crashed. Finally, the engineers found a “Golden path”, with the presentation still was able to succeed. Sure, the success was not, however, it could still go in the pants.

e-mail First, then to the network

The most Important thing is the order was. Jobs had to perform demonstration actions in a certain sequence. For example, he could send an E-Mail and then surf the Internet. In reverse order, the iPhone had a tendency to crash.

Then the Wi-Fi connection and the mobile phone had to stay-Signal stable. The engineers hid the Wi-Fi, the Jobs used in front of the audience and the contract partner, AT&T installed a mobile phone tower, so, Yes, in the case of the Call, nothing went wrong. For safety’s sake, was manipulated, the display of the iPhone, in addition, so that the bars show full reception even if the Signal should be weaker.

sacrificial lambs had only EDGE

And the “Internet History Podcast” still has a few more interesting Details on the first iPhone. So the device had no UMTS-module, because the Chips were still available, as the development of the iPhone began. For the network of AT&T cult-the Smartphone actually came 18 months too early. Apple and the cellular providers were aware of the fact that the lame EDGE connectivity would not be sufficient. The buyer of the first iPhones should be patient and sacrificial lambs, until the infrastructure caught up.

More about

The App Store was initially not a favorite for Steve Jobs, he refused the self-employed third-party applications on the iPhone. “You don’t want your phone is like a PC. The last thing you want is that you have to download three Apps and then you can’t use it to make calls,” said Jobs at the time, a Reporter for the New York Times. An iPhone is more an iPod than a Computer. Developers should use the Safari Engine for Webb Apps.

the Apps, was Jobs 2007 in addition, the anniversary of the App Store celebrates its Apple, therefore, only in July 2018. Webb Apps are for many experts, but today, the future, perhaps the Visionary was also at that time, only his time.




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