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Exports: Germany reached in November 2016 record – THE WORLD

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Exports Germany: exports increased in November

source: Reuters

Germany’s exports were Goods to the value of 108.5 billion euros, as much as never in a month

  • Particularly strong in exports to countries outside the European Union, rose by 7.6 percent.
  • the value of the imports was in November, with 85.8 billion euros (Plus 3.9 percent) to an all-time high.

Die German exporters have in November set a record. They sold Goods to the value of 108.5 billion abroad. This is the highest yet measured monthly value, as the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden announced. The previous best value of March 2015 has been exceeded by almost a billion Euro.

exports rose by 5.6 percent compared to November 2015. Above all, the strong demand from countries outside the European Union, provided: there was an increase of 7.6 percent, while exports in the Euro Zone rose by 5.2 per cent.

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Compared with the previous month, grew the international business by 3.9 percent. This is the largest increase for four and a half years. Economists had forecast 0.5 percent. From January to November, exports climbed by only 0.8 percent to well 1110 billion euros.

company drive production of high –

The foreign trade Association BGA was only cut off recently due to the weak global economy, its growth forecast for the full year, of two percent and expects only a Mini-Plus. Imports increased in November by 3.5 percent month-on-month, and so significantly since June 2014, not anymore.

The German companies drove up their production in November slightly up. Industry, building industry and energy suppliers were 0.4 percent more than in the previous month, as the Federal economy, informed the Ministry. Economists polled by Reuters had expected a gain of 0.6 percent. However, the month-on-month result was plus 0.5 per cent, slightly better than previously thought.


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