Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Exhaust gas scandal: VW and U.S. Department of justice, comparison of act – TIME ONLINE

The US government and the Volkswagen group is in the diesel scandal for a comparison. After that, VW will have to pay because of the exhaust manipulation in the US 4.1 billion euros on fines and punishment, as the company announced.

According to the published court document VW admits the fraud to the authorities and the customers about the emissions of nearly half a Million diesel vehicles from may 2006 until November 2015. The company is committed to the conspiracy and the obstruction of the U.S. Department of justice, guilty. Responsible Manager below the Executive Board level.

VW-in-chief Matthias Müller said: “Volkswagen regrets the actions that led to diesel crisis, deeply and sincerely. Since, we have worked tirelessly to bring the things for our affected customers.” The US-government agreements are an expression of the determination of the group, against a wrongdoing that was directed against everything Volkswagen.

placed so Far, VW has EUR 18.2 billion for the impact of the exhaust gas scandal. The biggest part of it is likely to be for compensation payments to US customers and penalties in civil law disputes reserved. Already in the run-up to the comparison, VW had announced that the payment obligations for the conclusion of a comparison to the existing provisions in excess of financial expense. How high is the burden on the result for the year 2016 will specifically be depended on a number of other factors and could not yet determine.

The U.S. Department of justice had sued the Wolfsburg-based group almost exactly a year ago because of a violation of the clean air act. Volkswagen was added in September 2015, the Manipulation of eleven million cars worldwide, including almost half a Million vehicles in the United States. There, the scandal had been uncovered. An illegal Software has ensured that the limit values for harmful nitrogen oxide are only observed on the test bench. In normal road traffic are much higher.


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