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Airbus: Iran Deal will prevent a crash of the orders – THE WORLD

Airbus surprised in continuous competition with Boeing. The European aircraft manufacturer has brought in 2016 by a spectacular final sprint, far more orders than industry observers expected.

declined as in the case of the Americans, the new orders significantly. Nevertheless, the Europeans took more orders than Boeing. In addition, the number of orders was at Airbus in contrast to the Americans on the further expansion of production.

Thus, it remains 2016, the classification that Boeing produced more planes than Airbus, while Europeans can get more orders in.

the downturn in orders features

In the Airbus order book now 6874 aircraft to the list price of 1018 billion dollars, the equivalent of over a trillion Euro.

Airbus sales chief John Leahy admitted however, that there are the orders, a downturn trend. Thus, the number fell by a net 1080 (2015) 731 aircraft. Gross 949 aircraft were ordered, but there were also many cancellations. Boeing came on a net 688 new orders.

While Americans cut back production slightly in the past year, to build on the Europeans despite the decline in orders your production. 2016 rose by 635 to the new record value of 688 aircraft. It also includes copies of the new long-contained model, the A350 route. This year, over 700 deliveries of this model are expected.

major order from Iran push to the front

Airbus-Chef Fabrice Bregier and Leahy signed in view of the record order backlog, a rather rosy picture. In November, it looked as if there would be a slump in the number of Airbus orders, as a just 400 new orders were reported. Contributed to the December boost to the major order from Iran on 98 aircraft.

“Many have written lately about the end of the cycle,” said sales chief Leahy, with a view to falling orders. This Trend would probably continue.

Actually have to pay to the Order since the peak in 2013, with two major providers more than halved. Nevertheless, Airbus build, as in the past 14 years, continuous production. Against this Background, it is likely this year – for the first time since 2009 – Airbus aircraft to build as the orders come in, noted Leahy. Experts speak of a Book-to-Bill ratio below 1.

A380 to said 50 places get more

delivery shifts to be less of a Problem, Leahy. And then he gave an insight about the problems, if too many jobs: “We are overbooked. By 2021, I have nothing to sell." This is not the case for the giant Airbus A380, he admitted with a grin.

The Airbus leadership showed in the face of the worldwide increase in passenger volumes of the future of the large model convinced. “We are working on a couple of sales campaigns,” said Leahy. “But I’ll call not a sales target for 2017, as I have also called 2016, and none for the A380. But I am convinced that the time of this aircraft is to come." In London-Heathrow are already ten per cent of all passengers would fly with the A380.

Airbus chief Bregier reported on plans, 50 seats more in the A380 to accommodate, without the comfort to suffer for the passengers. A total number of the seats he mentioned. In smaller aircraft, there is often a much denser Seating, said Brégier.

pay High level of discounts for major customers

sales – or the result of the dominant division of the Airbus Group is not called yet. Of the total group puts on 22. February figures on the table. However, there is a new price list for the aircraft. After that, a giant Airbus A380 costs virtually unchanged 436,9 million dollars, without discount. This price is only a reference point lists. Indeed, major customers are granted significant discounts.

it is not known how much of Iran is actually for his nearly 100 new Airbus models with a list price of roughly $ 19 billion paid. In the case of the Iran-large order with Boeing for 17 billion dollars, it is said that, allegedly, 50 per cent discount were granted.

Airbus failed to pass on Wednesday a first A321 aircraft to Iran Air. The airline had initially made the purchase of the giant Airbus A380 – you ordered but. Iran Air CEO Farhad Parvaresh in Toulouse said, would be in Iran currently, the infrastructure for the giant models. He wanted to exclude an order in the future.


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