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Billion comparison: VW is committed in the exhaust gas, the affair of the conspiracy guilty of THE WORLD

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VW is agreement with a US Administration

source: The world

Volkswagen is in Diesel-exhaust-gas scandal in front of a comparison with the U.S. Department of justice. As the car manufacturer announced the agreement, fines and penalties of approximately $ 4.3 billion.

source: The world

In the exhaust gas scandal of the Volkswagen group is the comparison with the US authorities in dry towels.

  • The U.S. Department of justice announced that the group will have to pay a penalty payment of $ 4.3 billion.
  • The Volkswagen group, will plead guilty of fraud, to avoid criminal investigations.

Why this is important:

The penalty is the highest that had to pay a car maker in of the previous U.S. history.

Volkswagen has negotiated with the US government a billion expensive comparison in the diesel scandal. Then the wolf has to pay Burger group because of the exhaust manipulation in the US 4.1 billion Euro fines and the penalty converted, as the company said.

According to the published court document VW admits the fraud to the authorities and the customers about the emissions of nearly half a Million diesel vehicles from may 2006 until November 2015. The company is committed to the conspiracy and the obstruction of the U.S. Department of justice, guilty. Responsible Manager below the Executive Board level. VW CEO Matthias Müller said: “Volkswagen regrets the actions that led to diesel crisis, deeply and sincerely.”

in Addition, criminal charges against six of the VW Manager were announced. With a confession VW acknowledges also a criminal misconduct. The group have been fraud and violations of the clean air act, accused of.

“to reflect today’s actions, the unwavering commitment to defend consumers and protect the environment and the financial system,” said US Minister of justice, Loretta Lynch. “Responsible individuals and companies are drawn for the Offense of corporations accountable.” The investigations were not yet completed.

The U.S. Department of justice had sued the Wolfsburg-based group almost exactly a year ago because of a violation of the clean air act. Volkswagen was added in September 2015, the Manipulation of eleven million cars worldwide, including almost half a Million vehicles in the United States. There, the scandal had been uncovered. An illegal Software has ensured that the limit values for harmful nitrogen oxide are only observed on the test bench. In normal road traffic, they are many times higher.


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