Friday, January 6, 2017

Attack on Toyota: How to Trump the auto industry, shaking up THE WORLD

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New York/Tokyo/Las Vegas – investing in Mexico? “No way!”: Donald Trump threatens to the Japanese car giant Toyota with high punitive tariffs on U.S. imports, and puts the industry in an uproar.

The all round impact of the future U.S. President is also a politician – on Friday, the Japanese government jumped in the Toyota and the domestic industry pointedly to the side.

“Japanese car maker will make a significant contribution with respect to jobs in the United States. It is important that their efforts and results will be broadly accepted,” said the Minister of economy, trade and industry (Meti), Hiroshige Seko, the Kyodo news Agency said.

Trump had attacked Toyota with sharp words, for investment in Mexico. The planned production of the new Corolla-factory in the low-wage country, he tweeted: “NO way! Builds the factory in the USA or pays a high marginal tax.” Previously, Trump had already attacked the US-industry leader General Motors and Ford because of the production of U.S. import goods into Mexico.

The car industry followed the U.S. change of government in the face of trump’s motto, “America first,” and his sharp criticism of free trade and globalization with trepidation. 20. January to compete in Trump with the President and he has not announced to the torches for a long time. Trump wants to negotiate with the U.S. free-trade Pact, Nafta with Mexico and Canada new or terminate.

The agreement for the free movement of goods allows for the car industry, models for the US market, inexpensive to produce in Mexico. This is Trump a thorn in the side, he’s threatening punitive duties of 35 percent on these products. New rules of the game in the trade would be for German companies a large risk – Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Daimler also rely on Mexico.

consider Trumps policy very carefully, especially with regard to the trade in North America, said Renault – Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn the “Wall Street Journal” in the technology fair CES in Las Vegas. “So far, Nafta was the rule.” If the change to free trade agreements, it is necessary to adapt.

Toyota said in a Statement to the criticism of Trump, by 2015, announced factory in the Mexican city of Guanajuato will reduce neither the production volume nor the employment in the United States. Toyota had for almost 60 years, a part of the culture of the United States, it said. With direct investment of more than 21.9 billion dollars, ten production sites and 136 000 employees cooperating with Toyota Trumps government in the interest of the customers and the auto industry.

The second largest U.S. car manufacturer Ford announced on Tuesday, surprisingly, to cancel plans for a 1.6 billion Dollar plant in Mexico. Instead, the $ 700 million should be invested into an existing U.S. factory. Ford CEO Mark Fields denied, however, to have the pressure of Trumps yield. Decisive economic factors.

Trump Tweet

Toyota Statement


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