Friday, January 6, 2017

Wall-to-Mexico: Breaking Trump the promise of a large wall? – THE WORLD

Es going to be a “great wall,” Donald Trump said in the election campaign. “I build better walls than any other, and I build it very cheap.” Cheap means in this case: $ 14 billion.

So expensive, experts estimate, is likely to be the border wall, the Americas, the future President of on the border to Mexico to build. Don’t want to pay, but the citizens of his country, but the Mexicans. So Trump has promised it – at least so far.

Now he moves away from the idea, apparently, is planning instead to Finance the wall, but with taxpayers ‘ money – thus one of his Central election promise would break. Members of Congress, according to Trump, wants to use a law that had put the Bush administration in 2006.

Donald Trump moves away from election promises

once Again, thousands of Americans took to the streets to demonstrate against Donald Trump. The departing three days after the election of his hard positions in the election campaign.

source: The world/Perdita Heise

A re-vote in the Capitol would not be necessary. The law provides for the construction of an approximately 1,100-kilometre-long attachment to the southern border to illegal Migration.

Trump responded via Twitter to accusations

After his strategy was pan leaked, responded Trump, as he often reacted to with a angry message on Twitter, sold in the morning hours. In it, he confirmed indirectly his Plan, but stressed that the US went in advance, to save time and would be repeated in the sum according to the construction of their neighbours.

“The lying media will not report about it, that the whole of the money spent for the construction of the great wall (the tempo will), is later paid Mexico back!” he wrote.

The Mexican government refuses, however, leading Republicans believe Trump could move to the reimbursement of the construction costs, somehow. “Mexico’s economy depends on US consumers, so Donald Trump has all the cards in Hand,” said the New York politician Chris Collins, in trump’s bar, is responsible for the connection to the Congress. “As soon as we will be talking about new trade agreements, it is more likely that Trump easy to convince the Mexicans that it is in their interest to pay for the wall.”

If Trump wants to use the old Bush-law, he could break yet another promise: what the Republicans call “the wall”, is likely to be at the end of just fences, a staying, maybe cars, but not pedestrians. It provides for the scheme from the year 2006. Whether without new laws, a concrete wall can be built in total, more than 3000 Kilometer-long border, which is in dispute.


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