Friday, January 6, 2017

Dürr’s job loss: the German industry is immune to Trump NEWS

Friday, 06. January 2017

By Diana Dittmer

Donald Trump convinced Ford, his plans for a plant in Mexico. Drought to lose a million contract. Neither the plant engineer nor any other German industrial companies in this country, must tremble, therefore, before Trump.

to be A Declaration of war per day seems to be Donald Trump to duty. To big auto companies and via Twitter. That his intervention would make in the corporate policies of global corporations somehow German companies, was probably only a matter of time. The one that was the US car maker Ford will now have to feel in any case, the German plant manufacturer Dürr. Because the US car manufacturer has withdrawn from the construction of a new plant in Mexico, distance, and accordingly, there no painting facilities and more, the German company with around 16,000 employees and a contract worth 100 million Euro.

car experts suggest the decision is the Work of Trump. Even if Ford led to a lower demand from the United States, according to the compact cars that should be built, as the reason. The President-designate, US President, leaves no doubt that he wants to force the industry to build Jobs in the USA, even if it means the return of customs duties on imports from Mexico. Not only Ford criticized Trump, due to its expansion plans in Mexico, sharply – General Motors and Chryser received appropriate announcements. Even before the Japanese car maker Toyota, the future US President didn’t Stop there.

May be Nissan’s next car manufacturers to the series. The car maker is more involved in Mexico than Toyota. Much more importantly, Nissan’s Partner Renault is currently developing with Daimler new plant in Mexico. Is Trump’s take a look at it to see if it can, where appropriate, to demand Jobs for the USA? What should the German industry?

drought: “there is No economic detriment”

drought eased: “to Us there is no economic disadvantage,” said a spokesman. There are already negotiations with Ford concerning alternative orders to locations in the United States, Mexico, and Brazil.” Also the prognosis of an order to stay the input from 3.5 to 3.7 billion Euro for 2017 unchanged. On the sales of the Ford would have a job until 2018 at the earliest.

Also that the Trumps could pull the nationalist policy of the German economy as a whole affected, not the world market leader in painting systems. Additional investments in the United States could offset declines in Mexico. “As chief communications officer of drought, I would formulate the same,” says auto expert Helmut Becker They wanted to provoke Trump, or the American policy in any way. “If you would argue the opposite, that would have a rat tail of consequences. You would call the economic policy of the Plan. All would rail against protectionism and that would stir up the dust.”

at the same time, it was no matter where the system builders deliver. “A Problem would it be if Dürr wanted to deliver from a factory in Mexico these plants. As long as the are supplied from Germany, it doesn’t matter if the go to Mexico or the United States.”

Siemens: “We have what is told”

Soothing words, there are also from Siemens. Chief Executive, Joe Kaeser expected to be no similar pressure from the United States, as the companies Ford and Toyota are currently experiencing. He sees himself in front of trump’s Twitter attacks immune. “We are basically in a very established part of the United States,” said Kaeser in Seeon with regard to the high number of employees in the United States. Siemens had set very early on localization in the production. “So we have, basically, exactly what it is told,” said Kaeser, alluding to trump’s Tweets.

Siemens, which belonged to the great German sponsors in Trumps election campaign, is a very old established company in the United States. It has more than 60,000 employees and operates 40 plants. With the Takeover of the US software specialist Mentor Graphics, the number increases to around 70,000 employees. The company operates as a conglomerate, a different business strategy than, for instance, car corporations. Among other things, due to the activities in the infrastructure, the share of value added in the respective markets, even very much higher than in the case of car companies, producing in very large works, often for Export.

The experts at Metzler are not convinced that Dürr gets away so lightly: they believe in replacement jobs at Dürr. However, this would take longer, it said. Other car makers may also extend their contracts. Drought makes 60 percent of its sales with the automotive industry. Among the major customers GM and Chrysler in addition to Ford. The Trump has been well known on the screen.

companies Established in the USA

More about

drought remains vigilant. However, to date, the following applies: There is no evidence for order cancellations, as the speaker, with a view to new works by Daimler and BMW in Mexico, the equipping of drought also added. Daimler is sitting with a total of approximately 8000 employees in Mexico. Also, BMW is represented here: From 2019 to roll in a new plant in Mexico, about 150,000 vehicles from the Band. The Munich want to cost like all the others of the low wages and the tax benefits. But all of this investment comes from the time before the Trump and are, thus, dry towels. Otherwise, both companies – such as Siemens – are well established in the United States. “BMW as a luxury manufacturer in the largest automotive exporter in the United States, greater than GM, Ford or Chrysler. The Germans are a built-in share of the American automotive industry, and which is not going to hurt Trump,” explains Becker.

“We live in a watershed. The works that are there, you can’t transfer. In Mexico or somewhere else. This is what happened. What it’s about, are new investments,” says the car expert. Only plans for the future, to invest in Mexico, should be pushed as far as they had planned – probably only on the long Bank. In a weak negotiating position manufacturer Audi was the only German car Becker says. “They have a plant in Mexico and no production in the United States.” Since the end of September, the Q5 for the world market is made.

Neither Audi nor BMW, 2019, the three-limo in Mexico from rolls of tape, have ambitions to return to the location the back. Trump should put his threat of the free trade agreement to suspend and duties, could change of course, the most but their production so that more cars for the US could also be in the United States, and more cars for the Rest of the world in Mexico built. Audi would have to check in the case, if a VW can help plant in the United States.




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