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Winterkorn is interviewed in the investigation Committee –

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What is Ex-VW Manager, Martin Winterkorn, of the manipulations, knew? (Archive)

It is the 22. September 2015, as a visibly tense, Martin Winterkorn occurs in front of the cameras. In his video message, the VW Manager “merciless enlightenment” promises. U.S. environmental protection authorities had made four days earlier, fake exhaust emission data for diesel cars. The former VW boss pushes the scandal to the “terrible mistake some of the Less” – a reading, there is doubt. Also, almost one and a half years after the VW-exhaust-scandal and the resignation Winterkorn’s outstanding, the key question is: What Winterkorn knew what time of the manipulation? Or is it conceivable, that he knew nothing? On Thursday starting at 10 a.m. the winter grain should be asked in the Bundestag Committee of inquiry to VW-Diesel-affair.

What are the Federal policy, knew of the fraud?

the members of The Committee assume that the former Volkswagen boss was informed much earlier about the illegal Software, as he has previously admitted. This had result in to research by NDR, WDR and “süddeutsche Zeitung”. The investigation Committee has been set up in April 2016, and should clarify, since when the government knew about manipulation of the word, and how close the vote with the auto lobby. This group is also the President of the Association of the car to be asked of the automotive industry, Matthias Wissmann, as well as Eckhart von Klaeden, who was moved to 2013, Minister of state in the Chancellery before as a Lobbyist to Daimler.

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a Bumpy start to the Year for Ex-VW CEO Winterkorn: it was Only his high pension, then the Mini-rent. Now, secret papers to prove that He knew earlier from the exhaust gas scandal. (15.01.2017)

winter grain will respond to questions, silence

to what extent Winterkorn in Berlin, was open to his lawyer. It is expected that Ex-VW boss with reference to the ongoing investigations of the Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig of his statement of refusal right and to silence some of the questions. For the survey, around two hours are scheduled. Should there be new questions that could be loaded from the top Manager to the front of the body.

Left-Deputy Chairman of the Committee

the Chairman of The Committee, the Left party Deputy, Herbert Behrens, is a final, clear statement of Winterkorn’s outstanding promises of the hearing. From his point of view, winter, make grain in any case, accusations. Either he had lied to the Public with his statement, to have nothing from the exhaust of manipulation known. Or he actually knew nothing: “Then he has not proved that he was as a CEO in the position to have his company in such a serious question really in control,” said Behrens.

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New evidence dieting, according to Information from NDR, WDR and SZ the suspicion that Ex-VW boss Winterkorn was informed much earlier about the exhaust of fraud than previously known. More at (13.01.2017) externally

Martin Winterkorn as VW chief Executive, for the low, low price in a 400-square-meter Villa is located in Groß Schwülper. According to the “mirror” he paid just five euros per square meter. (13.01.2017)

The exhaust gas, the affair that toppled Ex-VW boss Martin Winterkorn receives close to 3,100 Euro pension per day. His contract expired in 2016. Other boards have similar pension entitlements. (04.01.2017)

The exhaust gas scandal has plunged Volkswagen in the most serious crisis in the history of the company. The financial damage is in the billions. The new boss, Matthias Müller, to save VW. more


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