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Deutsche Bank – bonuses-debate shows: money stinks, but – Sü

Finally, Deutsche Bank cut their bonuses for executives. But the move comes too late: your Image is already broken and the company grossly flouted.

comment by Karl-Heinz bushes man

Sometimes, the elimination can be annoying things to have to wait long. Deutsche Bank has taken almost a decade to change one of the biggest annoyances of your business policy: the high bonuses for their bosses and investment bankers will be drastically reduced. You will also be a sign. If she is in crisis and billions of must save, not only in the service of me, and the jobs numbers, but also the large animals. It was time: Chairman of the Board John Cryan had long complained that the bankers earn too much. Had changed but only a little.

The lush payments to the bankers were taken care of for the barely tolerable impression that the state, i.e. the taxpayers, had to rescue individual banks, such as Commerzbank, the major players in the boards or investment departments, however, remain Scot-free and with high bonuses will be rewarded. This was politically a fatal Signal.

But this mockery of the company by the bankers come to their limits, the top salaries in the economy have become a political issue. The tolerance to millions of income is drastically reduced. Reinforced by a debate about the growing gap between rich and Poor, has understood the Deutsche Bank, apparently, that they need to change something.

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the Supervisory Board and the Management to enrich each other often

Whether the Frankfurter, however, have really understood that you must contribute to social peace, is not yet sure: In the case of the Bank, apparently, catch regulations are planned to compensate for the loss of the bonuses, at least in part. The heated debate about the excessive pay of bankers does not stop, possibly for a long time.

The Banker and Manager salaries is a need to limit difficult, because there are in the companies, apparently, a felt of mutual enrichment. Members of the Supervisory Board funny payment models with a light Hand by waving but, with the well-sounding claim that peak forces of competition would have to be paid. This Argument does not hold water. For group leaders there is no international market on which you commute freely back and forth. German managers abroad are rare.

The members of the Supervisory Board will benefit from your generosity, if you will be rewarded with a few hundred thousand euros for a few meetings in the year. In addition, behavior is probably more convenient. Supervisory Board members show little interest, with the Management, to create and to stop payment of excesses.

owners and shareholders in the bonus issue blatantly failed

Therefore, the SPD wants to brakes-Chef Sigmar Gabriel, the salaries of the heads with taxes or laws. The sounds in the election campaign, fine, but it will not work. The state cannot dictate prices, not the senior executives. Five million euros in the year or ten? Who wants to determine? The policy may only offer for sale bogus solutions.

The company must ensure that decency and morals have a meaning. It is the responsibility of the owners, the shareholders, have failed in this matter so far crass. The industrial group Volkswagen, the state has even taken care of as a co-owner coexist in harmony with the trade Union IG Metall for the record income of over 15 million euros for the long-time chief Martin Winterkorn, bears a significant responsibility for the exhaust gas disaster in Wolfsburg.

The debate on the lunacy salaries will calm down only if the pay systems are simplified if the normal person can see that the bonuses related to personal performance or the success of a company. It is not good, if the fat reward, which has its reason in the best shops of the past, will only be due if a business is already in a next crisis.

The members of the Supervisory Board have not yet understood that there is an incentive to keep salaries and bonuses in check. Deutsche Bank has today the Image of a scandal-Bank, is of dubious and criminal activities, for which you must pay to the detriment of their employees, billion. But it is also due to the outrageously high salaries of their top executives. That VW as a criminal group on the pillory, is reinforced by the fact that Wolfsburg will pay the highest Executive salaries in the German industry. Money stinks, but sometimes. Where owners and boards of Directors don’t do their job, the receipt very quickly. Disproportionate pay is not worth it.

day of the long faces

for Many years, the Deutsche Bank was plundered of its workforce, literally. Now Bank chief Cryan cut for the first time, the executives bonuses. The Executive Board also waived a one-off payment. By Meike Schreiber more…


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