Monday, January 9, 2017

VW managers in the United States. –

The US authorities crackdown in the VW scandal, apparently. According to a media report, they arrested a Manager. Regardless of the wolf Burger, and the U.S. government agree, therefore, this week on a settlement.

In VW diesel scandal has taken the US Federal police FBI, according to the “New York Times” yesterday, a Manager of the auto group in the United States. In actions brought by the States of New York and Massachusetts, it is said, therefore, that he had played a key role in the efforts to hide the software manipulations in diesel cars before the authorities.

The man was, according to the New York Times from 2014 to March 2015 for the implementation of government regulations in the USA. He will brought before a judge.

“With a view to ongoing investigations, we do not Express ourselves,” said a VW spokesman. “We continue to work closely with the Ministry of justice.”

Volkswagen had admitted in September 2015, to pressure the US authorities to have the world in eleven million diesel cars of various brands are an illegal Software installed. Thus, in Tests to significantly lower values of health have been shown harmful nitrogen oxides. In fact, the output was up to 40 Times as high as allowed.

The newspaper reported, VW was on the verge of a billion-compared with the U.S. Department of justice. In several civil proceedings in the United States, Volkswagen had already compensation. So, the group must pay a total of 14.7 billion dollars to the owners of around 480,000 cars with 2.0-litre diesel motors to buy back their cars or to convert.

In another civil proceeding was VW a comparison with the owners of about 80,000 diesel cars with Three-litre engines in the amount of one billion dollars. The agreement must still be approved by a judge. For the cost for work-up of the scandal, Volkswagen laid out 18 billion euros.


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