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Apple iPhone: The pocket Revolution is ten years old – in FOCUS-the

Apple iPhone: The pocket Revolution will href ten years old

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Not a technical device has changed in the last years of the life of the people such as the iPhone. Today, the Smartphone from Apple is ten years old.

it not so long ago, that not on every street corner people with a Smartphone in Hand. A good three-quarters of Germans aged 14 years and over, namely 74 percent, use today, according to a survey by the industry Association Bitkom, a Smartphone. What is now a conventional image, which began only ten years ago. On 9. January 2007, Apple introduced at the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco the first iPhone.

Although there were Smartphones already since the 1990s, it was Apple’s Vision, which led to the fact that today, over 51 million people alone in Germany is a Smartphone. No Less than in 2011, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the one championing the idea of the user-friendliness of the iPhone. It is this simplicity in the use of the technology should also be the decisive factor that is considered crucial to the success of the iPhone.

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“Only once in a while there is a revolutionary product that changes everything”, opened in Jobs 2007 iPhone presentation. “Today, we present to you three revolutionary devices: The first one is a widescreen iPod with Touch controls. The second is a revolutionary mobile phone. And the third is an Internet communication device that is a true breakthrough." Several times he repeated, to really clear to everyone was that Jobs spoke of three devices, but only one. And so much of the Apple Guru, also the word “revolutionary” used, so he should keep that “Apple reinvents the phone today.” Under the thunderous applause of the Fans in attendance and the journalists he unveiled the iPhone.

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The “Time”magazine named the iPhone invention of the year and over the years, should follow with the other models as well as countless other awards. Music, Videos, games, photos, the whole life of people to carry around in your pocket. Because the iPhone changed not only the phone but also made small, high-performance computer that is always and everywhere accessible. How is the weather tomorrow? What actor was that again? What is the current state of my checking account? These are all questions that can now be within a few seconds to answer, no matter if you’re just sitting in the train or on the toilet.

Where’s the Innovation?

Meanwhile, Apple is accused of at all corners and Ends, a lack of Innovation, such as Jobs had presented to you – whether it’s now with the iPhone, the first iPad in 2010, or even in 2001 introduced iPod. But it needs this constant reinvention? The interest for Apple’s devices is still overwhelming, even if in the past years, no world-changing innovations were shown. The latest iPhone 7 in 2016 in Germany, the third most common search request for Google, only beaten by “Euro 2016″ and “pokemon Go”. In 2015, the iPhone 6s landed on place six, the iPhone 6 released in 2014 on third place and the iPhone 5s managed in 2013 to Four. For comparison: the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the year 2013, there were no Smartphones from other manufacturers than Apple in the year-Top 10 represented.

collector’s items

While many Smartphones and mobile phones often lose within a few months, dramatically in value, the models of Apple over long periods of time consistently high prices. Collector’s items such as equipment of the first-Generation iPhone to cost more than current models. Even with signs of wear 2007 iPhones can, for example, on eBay for several hundred dollars under the virtual Hammer. Even prices in the four figures waving for devices in tip top condition. According to an Overview of eBay in the summer of 2016 original packaging, the Ur can crack iPhones, even the five-digit mark. The only question is whether you want his money in a ten-year-old, or ten to the power of current Smartphones invest.

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