Thursday, January 5, 2017

US economy: Trump threatens Toyota with high punitive tariffs – TIME ONLINE

The designated US President Donald Trump has threatened tariffs the car manufacturer Toyota with Criminal, should not abandon the group his plans for the construction of a new factory in Mexico. “Build the plant in the United States, or pays a high marginal tax,” tweeted Trump.

The plans of Toyota to build a manufacturing plant in Mexico, where cars of the type Corolla for the US market are to be prepared, commented on Trump with the words: “no way!”

The laying of the Foundation stone for the plant was held in November. The car company wants to invest there are Reports of around a billion dollars (960 million euros).

Both Toyota and the Japanese car maker Honda had so far – despite all the threats Trumps on their production in the low-wage country, Mexico recorded. You wanted to wait for the inauguration of Trumps, before they were to look at any Changes in recital, shared with the two Japanese car manufacturers on Thursday. A large part of their production in Mexico is destined for the US market.

Trumps threats have also been getting other companies to feel. On Tuesday, he threatened General Motors with higher tariffs, so as to reduce the cost advantage. A few days ago, the car manufacturer Ford had also announced to abandon a multi-billion investment in Mexico for the construction of a factory and instead create hundreds of new jobs in the United States. The group had stressed to have the decision taken independently and not under pressure from Trump.

Trump, the on 20. January takes office as the US President, had announced in his election campaign, repeatedly massive pressure on US companies, the jobs transferred abroad. He attacked companies such as Ford and announced an import duty of 35 per cent for Mexico-produced cars.


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