Thursday, January 5, 2017

Company: VW must face investors ‘ claims before U.S. court – FOCUS Online

company: VW must:Investors file suit before the U.S. court

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The car maker Volkswagen and its former group chief Martin Winterkorn have to put in the diesel scandal continues in court in California with lawsuits from U.S. investors.

The judge Charles Breyer rejected on Wednesday the request to relocate the legal dispute to Germany. Here is the largest part of the investor will be negotiated actions.

In the US proceedings are also charged with the group’s subsidiary Audi, as well as current and former managers such as VW brand boss, Herbert Diess and Ex-USA boss Michael Horn. The case, however, is only a side-show of the various U.S. litigation in the “diesel-gate”affair to manipulated emission values.

the plaintiffs are primarily U.S. pension funds had not invested directly in VW shares, but in so-called share Deposit certificates. These securities represent a OTC Alternative to trading of foreign companies on the U.S. capital market.

The plaintiffs want to ride in compensation for the losses, sustained as a result of the VW scandal. The also want to many shareholders, but their actions – including international investors – to be negotiated in a collective procedure at the regional court of Braunschweig. VW rejects the accusation, to have investors in a timely manner of the risks through the exhaust affair informed.

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