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Price war has police: dm-assistant want to shop at Rossmann … – FOCUS Online

price war has police: dm-assistant want to shop at Rossmann and will be insulted

Thursday, 19.01.2017, 17:51

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The grotesque quarrel between dm and Rossmann in the next round. Already in November, the allegation caused a sensation, the dm staff would be specifically to shop at the cheaper competition and the products for sale in the own stores.

A recent incident in Northrhine-Westphalia, Bedburg now again for fuel in the case of the two largest drugstore chains in Germany. As the “Huffington Post” reported, went shopping a dm staff member recently at the nearby Rossmann. But their fully loaded shopping carts according to the report, 28 bottles not and 75 bottles Guhl layers, among other things, this Shampoo made the Rossmann-employees of the Fund, taken aback. For them it was clear: The cheap, so-called “promotional items” were for the dm-shelves.

The argument escalated, and the dm staffer indicated, the persons concerned of Rossmann due to insult and abuse to the police. In addition, the customer made their Anger on Facebook air. In a detailed Post, she described her bizarre shopping experience.

Discriminated against due to the employer?

“I feel humiliated and deeply discriminated against,” she writes, before they reconstructed the incident meticulously. Therefore, you have to put you in front of the other customers in the Store just, and you made fun of. Here, you have simply want to shop for family and friends – so the explanation for the unusually high purchase amounts in your cart.

It is statement against statement. Who speaks the truth, must now determine the police. But the dm sends for weeks the employees in the stores of competitors to make hamster purchases set products.

A Rossmann-speaker described the Situation in an interview with the “Huffington Post” as follows: “hundreds of our branches are looking for for weeks of ‘dm-Buyers’ home, the great styles of promotional items to buy.” The result, according to Rossmann: customers stand in front of empty shelves, and complain that the products are out of stock.

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the dm stands by its strategy

compared To the FOCUS dm had already confirmed in November that it was padding its product range with the help of the competitors Rossmann. “We ask our colleagues in the markets with information to enable them to take advantage of the cheapest shopping source for your market,” said Christoph Werner, managing Director of “Marketing + procurement”. “These sources can also be competitors.”

As reported the journal “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, refers to Rossmann its products may be at much more favorable terms and conditions of the wholesalers as the competitor of dm. Behind the hoarding could plug in a Protest against the wholesaler. Rossmann is not the only victim of the controversial dm strategy: Also chains such as Kaufland, Müller, Rewe and Edeka are to be affected by the hoarding.

In the Video: “Strategically relevant action article” – the market leader dm buys at the competition

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