Thursday, January 19, 2017

Deutsche Bank: New billion lawsuit from the US – Handelsblatt

New billion lawsuit

A Jewish welfare organization calls on the heritage of the value of the home by Deutsche Bank.

(photo: AFP)

FrankfurtThe Deutsche Bank holds a claim of the heirs of the former Jewish family of entrepreneurs Wertheim in the United States are unfounded. The Wertheim Jewish Education Trust has sued the Bank before a district court in Florida and asks according to a report by the “Manager Magazin”, the reimbursement of three billion dollars from the heritage of the family. “Deutsche Bank has set itself with the matter intensively. The Deutsche Bank considers the allegations to be unfounded", a spokesman said on Thursday. All in the case of proceedings in the United States had previously been within the meaning of the German Bank.

The Wertheim Trust, behind the Jewish charities are, according to the report, on the tortuous Paths to the supposed title to inheritance. The German businessman Tim Drove have him assigned to a part of it, Drove, in turn, have taken over the claim five years ago from a couple who was friends with the last heirs of the family Wertheim.

The business man throw the Deutsche Bank, a senior staff in Spain have postponed the originally at Credit Suisse invested assets at the beginning of the 1990s to the German Bank in Geneva. Where the trail got lost. “On the basis of older documents, he estimates the value of the assets on today, around three billion dollars,” reports the business magazine.

The family of Wertheim had built in Frankfurt, sewing machines, and was even before the seizure of power by the national socialists in 1933, after Spain moved.


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