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Oxfam-comparative: Eight men have more wealth than half of humanity – THE WORLD

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Eight men have more than half of humanity

source: The world

The worldwide social inequality is far more dramatic than previously known, According to a recent study by the development organisation Oxfam, have eight men, more than half of humanity.

source: The world

Eight billionaires have, according to one study, more wealth than the entire poorer half of the world’s population.

  • The worldwide social inequality is far more dramatic than previously known, and to take it further, so charity Oxfam.
  • The organization is calling for increased taxation of groups of companies and large assets.

Noch was never in the recent economic history of the prosperity in the world so unevenly distributed as it is today. This is the result of an investigation presented by the development organization Oxfam ahead of the Start of the world economic forum in Davos. According to Oxfam data have the eight richest people in the world – all men – together a similarly large assets (426 billion dollars) as the entire poorer half of humanity (3.6 billion people, with 409 billion U.S. dollars).

Oxfam is calling on the data provided by the financial services group, Credit Suisse and the U.S. financial magazine “Forbes”. The eight super-rich published by Forbes in its annual list in March 2016. Microsoft founder Bill Gates with a net worth of 75 billion on top. In the squares of Spanish fashion entrepreneur Amancio Ortega, U.S. financier Warren Buffett, the Mexican business Mogul Carlos Slim, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison of Oracle, and Michael Bloomberg, Ex-mayor of New York.

Oxfam called for a global minimum tax rate for corporations, the closure of tax havens, transparency in terms of profits and tax payments of international corporations, as well as taxes on very high incomes and assets.

a year Ago, Oxfam had calculated that the assets of the 62 richest people is equivalent to the poorer half of the world’s population. New data showed that the Poorer were less than anticipated.

Oxfam looks at social cohesion is damaged

Also, rich countries, according to Oxfam inequality affected. In Germany, 36 billionaires would have so much assets (297 billion dollars) as the poorer half of the population, and the richest one percent, around a third of total assets.

This development is closely intertwined with the ways rich people and international corporations to gain advantages at the expense of the public interest, criticized the organization. They took advantage of aggressive tax avoidance, move their profits to tax and drives of States in a ruinous race to tax rates.

Oxfam came to the conclusion that the richest one percent of the world’s population owns 50.8 percent of global wealth – more than the remaining 99 percent. The poorer half of the world’s population owns just 0.16 percent of the world’s assets. For comparison: Would the world assets of a small car, belonged to the poorer half of the world’s population, just the supplied car Jack, explains Oxfam.

the World felt, more and more people suspended, defendant Jörn Kalinski, Oxfam Germany. “Governments operate the game of global corporations and rich elites and the population pays the bill.” This damaged the social cohesion that impedes the fight against poverty and undermines the Faith in democracy. So inequality prepared the ground for right-wing populists.


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