Friday, January 6, 2017

Nitrogen oxide emissions in many Diesel passenger Cars is higher than for trucks – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Berlin (Reuters) – Even in the most modern emission class Euro 6, many of the Diesel bubble Car, according to an analysis of the research network ICCT more toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the exhaust as the new trucks, or buses.

reported As an environmental scientist, showed data of the force travel Federal office (KBA) as well as from Finland, in the cut for Euro 6 passenger car with a diesel engine in actual road operation, a NOx emission of 500 milligrams per Kilometer driven. In the case of commercial vehicles, compared to only 210 milligrams per kilometers.

The ICCT, who had uncovered the exhaust-scandal at Volkswagen, sees the results as a further proof of the fact that the exhaust gas tests in the laboratory must be rapidly by measurements in real traffic added. Such RDE-Tests (“Real Driving Emissions”) are to come in the EU as of September step-by-step. For the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, the so-called WLTP procedure with more realistic conditions, it is planned.

The researchers stressed that, for a better comparability of the data between passenger Cars and commercial vehicles – with the inclusion of the higher load requirements for Truck and buses, even greater deviations occur. Then, the NOx emissions of the considered Diesel Cars were “even by a factor of 10 higher than the comparable values for commercial vehicles,” said ICCT-the author of the Study Rachel Muncrief. In the case of trucks and buses, devices are already since 2013, mobile measurement duty, therefore, to the often-prepared laboratory Car better data.

ICCT-Europe-in-chief Peter Mock, criticized the fact that some car makers also wanted to use the PPE-procedures-prepared prototypes. “It would be better, instead, normal production vehicles from the customer’s hand measured and random follow-up checks.” The EU Commission wants to comment on the proposal. In November, the ICCT also had values, drastic differences between the official catalog and actual on – Road CO2 emissions of many cars reported.

The specialist journal “auto motor und sport” reported under the new own nitric oxide measurements, which show significant differences in real driving operation. For example, the Renault-Diesel-model Captur dCi 110 with more than 1300 milligrams of NOx per kilometre have located to a 16.7-fold above the permissible laboratory limit value according to the Euro 6 standard. Are allowed to 80 milligrams per kilometre.


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