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Bicycle manufacturer Mifa again insolvent: Bankrupt instead of Party – daily mirror

Happily, she is not more celebrated for Mifa in the southern Harz mountains. And it looks like it would also be in 2017, not in Sangerhausen. It would be a special occasion. In July, the East German Bicycle manufacturer is – after piece of the market leaders in Germany – 110-years-old. But the anniversary year starts with bad news: The mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke (Mifa), as reported, for the second Time within two years of the insolvent. Broke instead of the Party.

“Our goal is it, the existence of Mifa and as many jobs as possible, sang here at the site to secure Hausen in the long term,” said the new General Manager Joachim Voigt-Salus on Thursday. The lawyer is specialized in the rehabilitation of the company. The Mifa-Bike GmbH, as the company is actually called, has 520 employees. You must now hope that the German insolvency rescue legislation, and the skill of the new restructuring of their Jobs. Wages and salaries are secured over the insolvency money of the employment Agency for three months.

Only in 2014 had registered Mifa ever bankruptcy

The path to insolvency in self-responsibility is for the Bicycle manufacturers, free. The district court of Halle have to given instead of the corresponding request, said Voigt-Salus. Together with his management colleagues, Matthias Herold, he wanted to set up the company. To said the reasons for the insolvency, he had nothing.

announcements such as that of Voigt-Salus is aware of the Mifa staff. The memories of the last rescue attempt for the tradition are not yet awake. Only in September 2014 and Mifa had to file for bankruptcy, because the Investor Hero Cycles of India was not started as planned. The reason is that In the balance sheets of the company’s error had been discovered. In the suspicion of the balance sheet cosmetic of the former Mifa CEO Peter Wicht. The Prosecutor identified.

renovators. The new Mifa managing Director Matthias Herold (l.) and Joachim Voigt-Salus (r), and administrator Lucas Flöther (M).photo: Reuters

was missing Because fresh capital was Mifa’s in the wrong location, posted high losses, the quoted share price crashed. The administrator of insolvency was at the time of the Berlin lawyer Lucas Flöther, to renovate now Mifa. Flöther, to be destroyed in 2014 with the celebrity Investor, Carsten Maschmeyer, the shares still held 28 percent of the Mifa and in the dispute sold. In the Supervisory Board of the Bicycle manufacturer also Ex-EnBW head Utz Claassen, maschmeyer returns today in another matter, a legal mud fight sat at this time. In the scramble of investors, the insolvency administrator Flöther the end of 2014, won the entrepreneur Heinrich von Nathusius as the Savior in time of Need. Nathusius seemed to be the ideal renovators: After the turn, he had bought the ailing automotive supplier Ifa and made the pile slebener company, a leading producer of longitudinal waves.

Nathusius took with his family Mifa completely and built a state guarantee for the back – a new plant for EUR 17 million, which has been open for a few weeks. Mifa should produce from January to complete in the new location. Nathusius wanted to make it the most cost-effective Bicycle factory in Europe, with a to the automotive industry inspired Just-in-time manufacturing. The company seemed to have recovered. About 400 000 bicycles produced Mifa in the past year, the order books are full. Nathusius recently stated, it is orders over € 42 million would be available.

In the competition. Mifa competes with foreign picture-alliance/ dpa/dpaweb

Mifa is in tough competition with foreign manufacturers entering the German market – especially in the cheap segment. Of the more than 4.3 million in this country sold the wheels to be imported more than three million. Every fifth bike comes from Cambodia. The sang Oberhausen bike, Bauer claimed, and draw up today from your good reputation that you have earned beyond the borders of Saxony-Anhalt. Pride refers to the fact that in the Region already in 1761, the first wheel was invented. Turned the times of the GDR Mifa as a state-owned enterprise, literally, a big wheel: by the end of the 1980s, 450 000 bicycles per year were from the Band. That was half of the total Bicycle production in the GDR. Legendary: the Mifa folding bike, the “Trabi on two wheels” between 1967 and 1978, according to the Mifa-more than 1.5 million copies have been sold.

The owner of fresh money

even Today, it is said, Mifa needs money again. Allegedly, the banks wanted to give last no more loans. Heinrich von Nathusius (73) gave the management of the company. But out the owner is not. Joachim Voigt-Salus, announced on Thursday that his goal is the preservation of the company on the basis of a comparison with creditors. The owner-family Nathusius says fresh capital in the millions – this is good news, because if the shareholders were willing to contribute towards reconstruction, “are, as a rule, to the creditor all the more ready to cooperate”. the dpa, AFP


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