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New documents and testimony: Martin Winterkorn in Erklärungsnot – daily mirror

people Who Google the name of Bernd gottweis, lands on the website of the Volkswagen subsidiary Audi. There, the now-retired VW Manager and former close Confidante of the former group chief Martin Winterkorn is listed as a speaker at a “seminar” in January 2015. His Topic: Crisis Management. God knows the plays probably a key role in the Diesel scandal, lectured eight months before the known illegal software tricks to be on “the reporting obligations of manufacturers” and gave answers to questions such as: “What can a manufacturer, to avoid the occurrence of a crisis?”

Today, one and a half years, after the Wolfsburg-based car rushed the group into the deepest crisis in its history, Bernd Gottweis in the centre of the massive allegations. As a former head of the Committee for product safety (APS), one of the most important bodies in the case of Volkswagen, is God-oriented have long before known of the scandal to further information about the Manipulation of Diesel exhaust-gas values of winter grain. NDR, WDR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, based on statements of leniency the U.S. Department of justice, reported on the weekend, the former VW brand Board of management Heinz-Jakob Neußer had been informed in addition to God-oriented in July 2012, US authorities Point to the illegal defeat devices in VW diesel vehicles were.

Critical date: 27. July 2015

it is Unclear to learned what time of the VW – chief Winterkorn for the first time by the Tricks of his engineers. God knows, had passed in the course of his VW career in the emission test laboratory in Los Angeles, could have set the winter grain earlier than officially known as confidential in the knowledge that, without this left appropriate traces behind.

A particularly critical date is the 27. July 2015. In the summer of 2015, the Committee for product safety had initiated, Bernd Gottweis, a Diesel task force set up. Volkswagen was at the same time by the US law firm Kirkland & Ellis in U.S. emissions legal advice. According to several Reports, the 27. July 2015 at a meeting on damage and product issues in the presence of Winterkorn and VW brand Board member Herbert Diess confidential papers presented to have been. The documentation should show information of the “Bild am Sonntag”, among other things, as just two months prior to the known of the scandal, the group will be calculated, when to tell the U.S. authorities the truth.

participants of the meeting told the newspaper: “We talked about the fact that something Illegal has been installed in our cars.” The participants have said with a view on the presentations, he thought that he would, at the latest, blown away, in the third film””. However, the VW boss was surprisingly remained quiet. He told later in the session, only to a technician who had developed the fraud software: “You and your Software!”

VW went the thing “offensive”

according to The report, the round discussed whether and when you should confess to fraud the U.S. environmental protection authorities of the Exhaust gas. The exhaust gas scandal has its origins in the United States. Opportunities “and” risks had been weighed””. So VW was expecting a “defensive” approach with a secure approval for new models, but also with “very high fines”. The participants were unanimous, the matter is “offensive” to be able to tackle with lower penalties, but an uncertain approval of new models.

the winter grain and the VW top have always stressed to have to wait until September 2015 of the exhaust gas manipulation. Volkswagen and winter grain rejected the allegations, according to the “Bild am Sonntag”. Winterkorn wants to, according to the newspaper, only to have a brief meeting on the subject on 27. July, remember, assured him had been, the problems in the US would be solved. Volkswagen had declared in March 2016, in an opinion to the district court of Braunschweig, the “concrete Details of this meeting” not to be reconstructed “at the moment”. It was not particularly clarified, “whether between the Parties already at this time an understanding of this was that the software was change on US environmental legislation”. According to VW, Winterkorn called for at the Meeting a further clarification.

According to Renault, possibly, other manufacturers are under suspicion

A VW spokesman said at the weekend: “The presentation in the March 2016-filed answer to the complaint before the regional court of Braunschweig was based on the then knowledge by the independent investigation of the law firm Jones Day.” This has also been the U.S. Department of justice will be disclosed accordingly. “It has changed according to current knowledge, up to today, also nothing Important.”

The diesel crisis is meanwhile in Europe more and more circles. In France, there could be, according to the Ministry of the environment, in addition to Renault also against other producers investigations. In Germany, the Federal Minister of transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) called for a recall of certain vehicles from Fiat Chrysler. In the case of the Renault it had been a number of irregularities, said Minister of the environment Ségolène Royal, the French Sunday newspaper “Le Journal du Dimanche”. “This also applies to other car manufacturers in other extent.” the dpa


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