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Brexit: UK threats make Röttgen and Lambsdorff angry – THE WORLD

Should the European Union to the British after the Brexit not have access to your market, provide, want to rethink London, the British market model “”. This blatant threat to the British Chancellor of the exchequer, Philip Hammond in an Interview with the “Welt am Sonntag”, to make his country a tax haven has triggered in Germany Irritation.

“The two major economic weaknesses of the UK are the significant trade deficit and the large budget deficit. The threats of’ Hammonds with customs duties and tax cuts are therefore threats of self-harm and, as such, is an expression of British perplexity,” said the CDU member of Parliament Norbert Röttgen, the “world”.

“Instead of the threats that exist on both sides, should focus all, in view of the international threat to the common interests and the resulting compromises. Even after the Brexit a partnership should be pursued as closely as possible in the interest of the EU and the UK," added the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag.

announcement of Mays, Minister of irritated members of the European Parliament

In the EU Parliament meets Hammond’s announcement on the surprise. “Even after Brexit, the UK will continue to be a member of the OECD and the G7, and because there are clear principles for the taxation of companies. I don’t have the impression that London wants to withdraw from all international organizations," said Markus Ferber, Chairman of the CSU Europe group.

“Hammond wants to impress Brussels, apparently due to a nightmare scenario at the beginning of the negotiation process. We should ignore the left”, said the FDP MEP Alexander Graf Lambsdorff of the “world”. To organise “instead of theatrical thunder, it would be more appropriate, the UK would finally create a coherent overall concept on the table, as it imagines the future of relations.” The government in London has announced lower tax rates for companies as a potential lever for economic strength after the Brexit in the past.

the UK is also considering new economic model:

Britain will reconsider the case of a lack of access to the European market economy model. The Finance Minister Philip Hammond says. The government has already announced plans to lower tax rates for businesses.

source: The world

Hammond’s comments also in the home a great deal of attention. Prime Minister Theresa May wants to hold on Tuesday a long-awaited speech, which, it is hoped that finally a little more information about the Brexit plans of your government. The few public comments he has made May since taking office in July 2016, suggest a radical break with the European Union.

This impression is strengthened by the announcement by the British Chancellor of the exchequer that London will have to take a hard course, if the 27 members of the EU show no Compromise breitschaft access to the single market. “Hammond seems to the Europeans a kind of threat to pronounce. For me, that looks like a template for future trade wars with the EU," said the head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn from the BBC.

Merkel ties market access to the free movement of persons

The tabloid “The Sun”, which has propagated to the exit from the EU, from time immemorial, was the headline: “Makes the UK more strongly: Philip Hammond says he would lower taxes for the economy to keep us after Brexit competitive”. The British currency has since the Brexit vote on the 23. June 2016, 15 percent of its value lost.

Sterling has already dramatically

source: infographic world

the Prime Minister May make it clear in her speech on Tuesday to British media reports, once again, that control over immigration to the UK has the highest priority. But the EU partners, all from the point of view of the German head of government Angela Merkel, the unrestricted access to the EU single market makes it impossible from the point of view, because this is linked with the so-called free movement of persons.

In the UK economy, particularly in the financial sector raises the prospect of a “hard Brexit” is more and more unrest and Calls for transitional agreements with the EU. For the Brexit competent Minister David Davis suggested in a post in the “Sunday Times” on some compromise from the government on this issue to calm down may be a sector that generates ten percent of the British gross domestic product.

British reject European Jurisdiction strictly

according to statistics, makes up the entire service industry, which is also placed in the strong European and world-wide, even 80 percent of the British GDP. “If it should be necessary, we have always said, we will give time for the implementation of the new arrangements.”

Inner – party and political transition periods for the Tory government, however, are a Problem. “It would be suicidal for Theresa May to choose a robust Brexit. In the ideal case, it should be after 2019, no transition periods,” said the Tory MP, and Brexit supporters Andrew rosin Dell to the “world”.

rosin Dell as well as other Brexit, although it is strictly reject to fall even after the official withdrawal is still under the Jurisdiction of the European court of justice. But that would be in accordance with the applicable law of the case, if London were to keep a kind of membership in the EU internal market.


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