Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mexico wants to stop with Dollar sales in the Peso-expiration –

Shortly before the inauguration of the new US President, Donald Trump, Mexico has once again tried to brake with Dollar sales to the deterioration of its national currency, the Peso.

The Mexican Central Bank, in which it used, according to a Central Bank representative on Friday, the Asian stock market trading hours. The volume of transactions and the Timing of foreign exchange market interventions is not called the Central Bank.

Trump threatens Mexico

Already on Thursday, she sold the U.S. currency, according to traders in the amount of at least one billion dollars, The currency Commission further intervention was not excluded.

The Peso had fallen in the past few months, under strong pressure, because the Trump in the electoral battle Front against Mexican cheaply-made imports. So he has threatened, on goods import imports from Mexico to impose tariffs of up to 35 percent.

protests against petrol price increase

totter During the Mexico Peso down is gasoline in Mexico is getting more and more expensive. This has led to massive protests in the population, which escalated recently.

according to media reports, are now complaining even human life. In the South of the state of Veracruz, in the municipality of Agua Dulce, was hit by a man during the protests and died, according to the newspaper “Milenio” reported, citing the authorities. In addition, two bodies had been found in the vicinity of looted shops in Veracruz. Whether this was in connection with the protests, was not clear.

excitement among car manufacturers

The threats had been called in December, Mexico’s Central Bank on the Plan. They raised out of fear of economic turmoil the key interest rate.

On Friday said Trump on Twitter for the planned construction of a border wall with Mexico. For this would be the US uses tax money to the construction start quickly. Later, the United States would get back the billions of your neighboring country. Trump had declared during the election campaign, the wall had to be built at the expense of Mexico, to stop illegal immigration in the United States.

trump’s Mexico policy also ensures the excitement among the large car manufacturers. So Ford tipped a 1.6 billion Dollar investment in a planned new plant in Mexico, and is instead money in a US plant. Toyota, the Republicans threatened with high punitive tariffs if the Japanese manufacturer in Mexico, Corolla-models for the USA to produce. A similar announcement was made by Trump recently in the direction of the US car manufacturer GM.


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