Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jamie Oliver-founded restaurant closures with Brexit – MIRROR ONLINE

Britain’s best-known chef is against the Brexit. Now Jamie Oliver with the EU, the closure of six Restaurants, outlet establish in his home. But there are also other causes.

Jamie Oliver with his wife Jools

Getty Images

Jamie Oliver with his wife Jools

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has planned to exit the EU justified the closure of six Restaurants in his chain “Jamie’s Italian”. “As any restaurateur knows, is the market for the Brexit difficult, since the pressure and the uncertainty continued to increase”, – said the head of the chain, and Simon Blagden. The 120 employees affected by the closing should otherwise be busy.

Currently, the chain “Jamie’s Italian” to 42 Restaurants in the UK, and a further 36 are in a foreign country. There, Oliver wants to open according to the Declaration, together with partners, 22 new Restaurants.

Oliver is a staunch opponent of the Brexit. After the Referendum, the 41 wrote-Year-old on Facebook: “The divorce of our European marriage is going to be very expensive and bitterness towards us, as a credible country in the world to provoke.”

Since the British have voted in last June by a narrow majority, for the exit of their country from the EU, has lost the pound against the Euro. Import of goods, such as Italian specialities, which have risen significantly. The reason for the planned closures, higher costs for training of employees and a decline in customers in addition to the more expensive ingredients but to pay, said Blagden.

Overall, the development of the British economy since the Referendum, more positive than many Economists predicted. The acknowledged on Friday by Andy Haldane, chief economist of the Bank of England. The British Central Bank had warned before the vote even in analyses of the consequences of a positive vote, and was criticized by the Brexit supporters sharp.

Haldane said, however, that consumers are likely to feel the fallen pound rate in 2017 in the Form of higher prices. The economic development according to the actual exit, Haldane, is not predictable because it depends on highly complex negotiations with the other EU countries.


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