Thursday, January 19, 2017

Martin Winterkorn, the VW-Committee of inquiry: a man, not A word – MIRROR ONLINE

The main person takes the side entrance. It is the first public appearance since his departure as a Volkswagen in-chief. But Martin Winterkorn avoids the wide hallway on his way to the Bundestag Committee of inquiry. In a corner, next to the room, climbs out of the 69-Year-old a Lift, is aiming flanked by two lawyers in a hurry to its place.

just As quickly, hooks, the former Top-Manager on this Thursday morning, the uncomfortable questions of politicians. The Manipulation of cars – you’ve played past him, wants to make winter grain clear. His view: He, the CEO, was not informed, not involved, is a marginal figure.

Disappointed, the former group arm back to the investigation Committee of the Bundestag in Berlin, wants to shed light on the VW diesel affair – and the entanglements of the Federal government and the authorities.

The probing questions help nothing. Winterkorn is silent, if it is dangerous. He has spoken with the Board of management on the nitrogen oxide values in the United States? “I don’t remember this issue,” he replies. The manipulation from his point of view in Germany are illegal? “This is a legal question.” He has received information to a close friend about the Problem before? What are the signals that he has overlooked? To do this, he could not speak, says the winter grain, with a view to investigation in Braunschweig. There, the Prosecutor’s office to the suspicion of market manipulation against him. “I don’t think,” he adds, “that there were two or three people. There were already more. How many, I don’t know.”

the winter grain from the winds, blocks, retorts.

look into the Void

Once, only it will be tricky. Told him, the former Volkswagen boss, the long-time engineer, not something noticeable?, Oliver asks Clear from the SPD. Finally, the container with a urea solution for exhaust gas cleaning of the VW diesel cars are small, the maintenance intervals very long. Technicians dropped into the eye: There must be something wrong. In the case of the motor power and the limit values for nitrogen oxide, the diesel models would have needed far more urea than it apparently did. Martin Winterkorn crossed the arms in front of chest. He looks into the Void. “For me, none of that told me was not, he brings the lot.”

VW engineers rigged the diesel models, in order to solve the Problem. You around frickelten so long on a piece of Software, until the car slowed down on the test bench, the nitrogen oxide emissions to the permitted level – in reality, however, they encountered far more of the poisonous gas. Eleven million cars worldwide have been manipulated. Initial Tests in the USA have brought the VW in suspicion – and the diesel tricks made the biggest scandal in the history of the automobile. (The chronicle of the VW affair to Read.)


the winter grain, celebrated for his successes during the rise of the auto group, can not demonstrate, as in previous times its thickness. He shows himself contrite. “The unthinkable has happened,” he says to the exhaust gas scandal. “Let me, as a longtime Chairman of Volkswagen my dismay.” He had taken with his resignation, the responsibility. “This step was the hardest of my life.”

Now the winter grain on the side of the Injured party: full investigation is needed now. “What happened, makes people angry – me too.” The indignation and anger he understand. “My Team and I have sales and profits multiplied, many new Jobs are created – not by fraud, but by hard and honest work.”

The politicians in the Committee of inquiry of the kowtowing of the Manager is not enough. “A fundamentally new knowledge we have can’t win,” said the Committee Chairman, Herbert Behrens (Left) after the hearing. “I think, in large part, he remained behind the back, what he really knows.” He think Winterkorn’s outstanding credibility shaken, said Behrens.

Who knew when something in the case of VW, this question did not answer the winter grain, is wroth with the CSU members Ulrich for a Long time. The Manager reiterated that he had only learned in September 2015 of the manipulations – which had been made known after that. Investigators in Europe and the USA, partly based on statements from the parties Involved in the case of VW as a leniency to the suspect the reason that the group knew this tip earlier from the Tricks and their cover-up has been arranged.

the winter grain has the of. To blame, that he wants to have heard from amounted to nothing, were his employees. He was “a man who appreciates an open word,” Winterkorn said, and that he had spoken in 35 years at VW, almost on a daily basis with employees. “It is not to understand why I am not early and clear information about the measurement problems have been solved.” The Ex-CEO remains in his presentation, not earlier than the diesel manipulations knew than so far given. Some reports suggested this, said Winterkorn. But “this is not the case. (…) I also have no access to files.”

He was only the chief.


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